Assorted Links
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Honorable Mention - Wonderful resource site!  VISIT THESE PEOPLE - These people have My vote, send them your money! - Vegan Bondage! - Rather vanilla but still popular because they have small sizes. - More Corsets!!!  Gotta' love a corset! - Beautiful stuff!  I want one! - Tons of stuff in here toys, collars & more. - Another vanilla site which also carries extra small! - Bridal, Men's, Special order - CORSETS ... Too cool! - Period attire, corsets, undergarments and more! - A huge assortment of QUALITY toys, one of the places WE shop - Enjoy! - this is The Freak and Fetish News - High quality whips and floggers


 Locking Collars - Way TOO COOL! - Snazzy Stuff! - Creatively Crafted Collars - variable options offered here - Wierd-ness - Very Very interesting - Just lock and leave it! - BEAUTIFUL work!! - Not Just Collars! - What an interesting site!


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