Book of Conviction: Book 1; Book of kaphka
Book of kaphka - Book 1 Chapter 1
A book of D/s support and wisdom




Speaks of; Willing suspension of belief


 1 WE have been asked to live with a "willing suspension of belief" in order to survive in a "belief" that makes no sense to those well entrenched in it, let alone those outside if it.  2 I don't think we are the ones who are not reality based.  Indeed I would put forth that the reality in which we see society operating in, and the associated "beliefs" thereof, would not be asking for the willing suspension of belief from its members, and it would also be in full accordance and compliance with its own beliefs and belief structures. 3  Not only is such a world and reality possible, but indeed it could be made real overnight.
4 Imagine if all the Royals and serfs were made cohesive and integrated, if such good and righteous people stood up at once – 5 Imagine if there was a system, a method, a way to tie all of the groups together into one large cohesive unit which willingly acknowledge Female Superiority ... no matter their gender or domination preferences.  6 How many of us are out there??  7 What could be done if we supported ourselves rather than hid?  8 So then - why don’t' we?

  9 I don't have a dream - I don't have a vision ... I have a deep and well seeded knowledge that there will come a time when the teachings of this world which is no longer in keeping with those afore accepted and taught beliefs will happily and rapidly embrace teachings of a spirituality of a different sort.  10 A spirituality which would remain in keeping with the interests of Our world, Our reality, and beliefs, whose behavioral and ethical codes of conduct are far more encompassing and yet far more realistic.
11 I know this because I know the feeling of changing tides, I sense the temperature changes in the currents of now 12  I watch the leaves turning a RAINBOW of colours and I know there is no reality unless it is built to be valid. 13  For today, little separates the world of nightmare and waking terror, and less still stands guard by the doors of our future.  14  Today, the world sleeps; Lies focused in their dream, wrapped in the peaceful slumbers of blind naïveté and obsession, while holding tight to the security of darkness 15  The bondage holding these many minds and hearts still, is the same bondage which a serf accepts so willingly, so openly, that  they would chose to wear it without release.  16  Yet the world of men says the serfs are to accept this bondage only within their minds, and refrain from the desire, the strength and pride of being able to maintain this acceptance in their daily lives, for this is the key which would be needed to bare such a burden before the masses proudly and without reservation. 17  We are to be bound, and led, we are to be silenced and cuckolded while we are coerced and manipulated, for we live in a society of serfs, built of and for serfs, a world filled with bondage, and pain and a negativity which we hold does not need to exist.  18  Our desires lie in changing the perceptions which says acceptance and pride of this bondage is ill advised, and understanding the functions and uses of such power exchanges causes One to be a target of ridicule, persecution, and harassment. 19   Our desires lie in altering the perceptions of the willing power exchange which occurs every day, with every life on this planet. 20  Our needs lie in achieving that same acceptance which so many others hold dear, while maintaining the delicate balances of trust, belief, growth, stability, and scruples.

 21  It is with this intent; desire and motivation which WE men and WO men chose to give life to the Religious Affiliation of Integrated Nonconformists Becoming One World Society, RAINBOWS.  22  It is with such desires in our heats which we set about to build this monument to ourselves, our perseverance, and our respective stations.
23  For as surely as the sun is required to fully enable the moon, so it is in our homes and lives.  24  Each of us consciously accepts that we are both required – sun and moon, and happily acknowledge the vital nature of both stations.  25  Neither is shameful, both are bourn proudly, willingly and without prejudice.  24  Such is our goal, our vision, our desired path.


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