Book of Conviction: Book 1; Book of kaphka
Book of kaphka - Book 1 Chapter 11
A book of D/s support and wisdom




 Speaks of; Honour


1  So many hearts professing to be Royal, professing to being female would carry no respect, no regard, love or care for such serfs as would serve them.  2  So many who speak of themselves as male would in their turn seek out such females as would serve them, and yet there are those of this group too who would carry neither respect nor care, nor love, nor regard for their serfs.  3  Such as these souls are, they are not Royals before the clergy of R.A.I.N.B.O.W.S.  4  For it is our great impetus, our great desire to have serfs and Royals, men and women, adults of all interests and persuasions realize that such respect as both sides would earn and carry outside of the relationship must also be kept within it.  5  Both sides must continue to hold and keep the other in high esteem, and good regard.  6  As a sense of misuse, neglect, abandonment, hatred, disrespect, apathy or disinterest has always been the greatest downfall of each civilization built upon a foundation of motivation and desire.  Couple this with a need to have the interjection of every voice and the cacophony is insanity. 7  Both side must carry the love and care of the other, but they must also carry it for the other.  8  If either or both parties should have a change of heart in regards to the terms of such relationships as are Ceremony Bound it is to be remembered that clergy is available to assist, and that always will the support and guidance of the Church be with all of our members.  9  Should there ever be need to renegotiate ones terms of serfdom, or burdens of training with an intent or desire of removal or separation from the situation, where both parties agree such is the best and most appropriate course of action the Church will work to mediate or separate, supervise or intervene as is appropriate and required.  10  No serf shall ever go from being claimed and collared to being abandoned.  Such serfs as have need for and request R.A.I.N.B.O.W.S. intervention must then either be taken in by a consenting and accepting Royal, or taken in and accepted as a church serf.  11  Transition and removal, if deemed appropriate will always be as painless and easy as is possible.  12  It is to be understood that in some cases a slow transition into a new agreement may be most appropriate, whereas in other cases immediate institution of the alternate agreement may be more conducive to Church goals, and ideals.  13  Ideals that hold all serfs as being treasured and cherished possession, if not by a Royal then by the Church proper.

  14  It is to be held and known by all of our members that those who are serf are to be held in the same regard as would the pedestal, base, frame or mount of any great work of art, for without that base and display surely the work would not be so uplifted. 

  15  It is to be acknowledged that all good art is only as good as the materials which one is given to create with.  16  Talent is wasted if the material and environment is not conducive to the creation and maintenance of such fine and delicate Such worthy and treasured serfs as is imagined and envisioned possible.

  17  Keep the material free and clear of pollutants, keep the work space clear of distractions and clutter, remove all possibility of interference, of unrequested input. 18  Be sure that the environment most of all and above all else is secure, and stable always.  19  Always keep the household clear of negative or derogatory influence, always free of such perversion of desire as the world of men embraces and dotes upon, always free of contradiction and self defeatist habits or teachings.


  20  Treasure the serf, and the serf will reward your appreciation with respect, honour, and loyalty.  21  To dishonour your serfs, and You bring dishonour upon Yourself.

  22  The duty of a serf is to honour and comply with your Royal and to adhere to their rules and decrees.  23  For to please your Royal is to call reward of such respect, attention and honour as would befit such compliance.  24  For as a serf would dishonour a Royal so they dishonour all Royals, and  serf without honour surely shall never find such joys as are buried in the acts of service, joys to be treasured and enjoyed, joys to be gained and retained.  25  Never shall a Royal dishonour their position by dishonouring a serf, nor shall a serf ever intentionally cause dishonour to befall a Royal.  26  To do so is to incur the certain wrath of Stake Officials, be sure to colour within the lines and the finished product will be as beautiful as the care put into it.  27 Work with haste and without purpose, and the art which is produced will have the same qualities and be just as hastily found to be undesirable.

  28  Let not the work and effort you put into your choice be in vain.  Strive at all times for forbearance, for grace, for honour, and for balance.  29  No mater the position and carriage of those around you, no matter whether Royal or serf, no matter whether male or female.  30  Such a charge of honour filled and respect based conduct is to be left with all members, at all times.  31  It is to be said, and remembered that such honour bound carriage serves us all, very well indeed.



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