Book of Conviction: Book 1; Book of kaphka
Book of kaphka - Book 1 Chapter 12
A book of D/s support and wisdom




 Speaks of; Force of will


1  Such power has the Great Goddess bequeathed to men.  Such gifts She has given and shared with all those who walk upon this Earth upright, upon two legs. 2  Such great possibility as She would fill you with – Royal or serf, convert or not, for the greatest Power of the Goddess is creation, is action, is motivation.  3  Men of this world, the men of power and position know well how the secret of converting lies to truth, and truth to lies is most effectively procured.  4  These souls who mislead you would have you believe that such power does not belong to you, is not of you, and remains merely a goal to attain.

  5  Today I am here to share the secrets of such power with each of you gathered.  Today will such blatant truths be revealed, that to the eyes and hearts of men such power is so great as to induce blindness, and bring a stilling to the waters of time. 6  Many will deny this truth and more still will outright refute it.  7 To those few brave and strong souls who either accept, or reflect upon the revelations about to be shared I say, “Eureka!”  And I give thanks to the Great Goddess that such as these are placed before Me upon this path, and in so doing are directed to this – Their greatest truth.

  8  We all have the power to cause things to come into effect – to be created.  9  Women do this naturally and give their all to their creations without thought, without reservation, without hesitation, without thought of self.  Such things as this come naturally to WOmen, and so WOmen have this talent and ability naturally.

  10  Many of the WOmen who are familiar with these texts have also noticed an oddity of consistent coincidence.

  11  If you are balanced, and if you are centred, if you have the confidence and joining of spirit and self, if the life you live outside is honest to what you carry inside of your heart then you will probably have noticed that what you say is what happens.  As you say, so it becomes.

  12  These moments of paradox, these clarities of conscience are not coincidence; they do not happen coincidentally they are accidentally created moments of intentional synchronicity.  13  These are synergistic energies which are fleeting, which can not be held within the bounds of our current reality. 

  14  Such power, such ability, such moments can be created, can be constructed, and can be brought from the realm of coincidence into the realm of intention, of reality, of being.  15  But must never to be done in a manner to cause harm to another soul, nor take something from another, as to do so would create a disproportional balance within the realm of possibility and probability.  16  A lack of balance created by such means is sure to bring much trouble and dishonour to the Household who creates it.  17  For this reason alone the Church will not stand in support of such activity for personal gain, but such attempts may be done to assist someone in need or prevent the possibility of negative interference or in defence of such households where this practice is undertaken regularly and the members of the household understand the repercussions and full intent of their ritual.

  18  No Royal shall ask of their serfs to assist with such rituals unwittingly, without information, or after having given their serfs incorrect, improper or intentionally false information.  19  Although this oddity has been noted by few people, none of them dare bespeak of or share their findings with the rest of the planet, for they fear that others may learn of such ability, and put such ability to productive use against the bondage, against the blindness, and silence, the oppression and suppression.  20  This ability, this gift and power is the answer to the question of, “How?”

  The answer is in joining – Creating that strong and tenacious bond between heart, word and intent.

  21  The heart gives the energy to the words which comes from the mind.  Positive outlooks and positive words are vital to a positive progression – As one says, so it becomes.  22  Thus it is with great gravity with which once again reminds to keep those words and thoughts positive and such reality shall surely follow.  23  Not only does this reflect into or onto a positive attitude and life carriage, but carries into the energy we carry in our day to day lives.  24  Image is nothing if not given the weight of word.  No more needs be done than to achieve full empowerment and focus of the self, without ego, but merely with purpose.

  25  Belief brings weight to the image.  26  Not only need the bearer of such an image believe, but those who accompany the bearer of such image must also believe with all their being, with all of their essence in the sanctity, the ability, the bearing of their Royal.  27  Such serfs as are there must be in full trust and awe of the abilities which the Royal shall harness, as would come from such spiritually serving serfs as would be these.  28  Such as are these bring such as would be a projection of the spirit, a reflection of magnified and amplified towards that which would be altered.  29  Such as are these are to be both dreaded and desired, but a word of warning to those who would actively seek such as these would be, for at once they may be stronger than You, and at once their strength may over take You, be warned such power, such strength – Although it be tempting to possess, to find a purchase of pulchritudinous hope, although Your desire may yet be harnessed and reigned – Hear Ye well, and know it true that to take hold of what is not yet Yours will cause you far more pain than to have lain in the world of men and be held within their bounds, tortured upon their whims, and humiliated senselessly.  30  Know well these ones will bring, and if the reigns grow slack – Will just as quickly take.  31  Such is the warning and reminder given, for it is recognized that this oddity of consistent coincidence can occur in a well kept and well honed household.

  32  Let not there be a wall at Your back, but instead seek a wind of change, and bright tomorrows.



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