Book of Conviction: Book 1; Book of kaphka
Book of kaphka - Book 1 Chapter 13
A book of D/s support and wisdom




 Speaks of; The First Gathering


1  Today I bring you here before Me, gathered and attentive as I had said I wished it to be.  Today I have pointed to the spot in the heaven and chosen our star.  Today will be the day by which much will be decided and much will be revealed for this is the beginning of possibility, the revelation of all which might be, of all which has been lost to times past, and ages where comprehension was a complex alphabet burned into the minds of the forgotten dead.

  2  Today I bring before you a possibility which you are specially chosen to receive.  3  It has been My wish and My will that this gathering take place and each name placed upon this page be given cause to understand what it is that is sought.


  4  There is a place of solitude and blissful lack of habitation.  There is a haven of freedoms, of refrained judgements which calls and cries to the winds of possibility and chance.  5  A warm wind blows, and beseeches an answer to the pleas of tomorrow.  6  This is a real place, a genuine dream come to life.  7  This is our foothold into a future terrified of any oddity unbecoming to its standards and codes, this I our place of refuge and sanctuary, this is the home which we have all dreamed of and longed for, the place of peace and passion; Where power meets will, where fear is beaten and desire is milked.  This is our self declared haven of Service, Worship, Sanctuary, Belief and Empowerment.

  8  This is where the spider will lay so many eggs and Her children will spread on the winds, giving new life to an old world tired of a pattern of self-defeat.


 9   It was once believed that the Spider was the teacher, and that She wove the letters of the alphabet into strands of Her web, thus educating the world.   She shared these teachings with all who would listen and give Her of their time.  She also reminds us not to be wasteful but to save Our resources into a questionable tomorrow, to ensure that those who follow will have a far better forbearance and resources that currently befall those who would follow such a course as might be set by this group, here gathered. 

  10  I ask you to gather your will, to come together as a group and to set a course into the days of tomorrow.

  11  I ask you to collect your strength in the face of the unknown and set to following your desires.

  12  I ask you to amass your dreams and permit them pursuit of reality instead of illusion, fact rather than fiction.

  13  I ask you to assemble all the distrust, concern and fear which grows steadily within your hearts at once longing and yet still unconvinced.

  14  I ask you to look within yourselves and find that place which at once knows trust and distrust, this place of first reaction, and inner knowing.  I ask you to seek it out with clarity and intention, and to find the answers, the questions and the fears which each of you harbour which is holding you from accomplishing such a dream as might be given flight as I see in this group.  15  I ask you to face those fears, those questions, those concerns, and to bring them into the light, to accept them as part of the being which is now presented before Me, and which I not only see as useful, and hold as filled with potential, but which I know has the fortitude and power to create, to co-create, and to empower as can only be seen, imagined and enabled in the past in such dreams as would never have been spoken.


  16  This is not  a dream, you are not asleep, only your will, your bodies, your very beings sleep held in the chains of a passive society moored in the dredges of systematic failures.  17  This is not immutable, this is not impossible, but the fact will remain forever true that in order for OUR world to exist it must be bought out, and thus brought out of the world of men.  18  Within these bounds we find no release, no comfort, no chance to empower those who would be Royal, for they forever remain mired in the tightly fettered chains, placed without consent, locked without hope of escape. 

  19  Never should one such as these, one who is Royal be forced to capitulate without mercy to the whims of chance, and the winds of a power without comprehension of desire, of motivation, of the very will which sets us apart from this world which decries desires misunderstood, or completely maligned.

  20  Just as all slaves before were bought out of slavery, so too must those following such a path as would be laid before so many as would this small group lead after them be brought to a home where collars are chosen and chains are placed with care.  21  This is the place which is so much more than a home, more than merely a refuge, more than an island oasis.  22  This is the gift I ask you to give of yourselves and to present to the Royals who would join us, who will come, and who will find such dedication and dreams as they had never imagined possible.

  23  Would that you waste such chance and squander such potential as is laid before you, and what might befall those tomorrows where dreams live?  24  Heed well the warnings of those who have fallen before, those who have not had the comfort and security afforded by such an illustrious and exclusive group as these few might be so chosen, hear their cries and reminders of such losses as can only be afforded the heart of a serf, the soul of one who has given all and lost, who is not permitted to carry remorse or anger, who sits abandoned in a room filled with the putrid stink of distrust, of self anihilistic disgust. 

  25  Do not buy into a world which disavows the strength of WOmen, which weakens Her foundations and encourages a reversal of roles unbefitting a society which seeks to make progress and enter the yesterdays of tomorrow with pride of purpose and freedom of will.

  26  Join Me today, in purpose, in drive, in motivation and in focus.  Allow us to pool our resources, to collect our will, and to bring to life this dream, this oasis which WE will call home, which others will dream of attaining, which will be the base of futures yet developed, come together now that your strength may be noted and given yolk to pull in the name of honour, of progress, and passage to a place of true slavery.

  27  Our sanctuary, our haven in this storm of life, our rock to cling to in times of need.


  28  This is no small request, and no small task which I set before you.  This is not small deed, no small weight to bear to which I ask you to set your step, and bind your hope.  29  This is no such deed for the weak of will or the soft of spirit, but must only be undertaken by those with resolve and strength to believe where others have doubted.

  30  It is not by any small chance by which you are gathered Each has come, and each has now been given some small indication of the goal.  There is always more to see, more to learn, more to know There is always space for a Royal to expand But that space must be provided for by the will and ability of the serfs who provide for Her, will these few provide such an expansive dream such as this which is asked so simply?  31  Will these few provide such an expansive canvas as would be the breeding grounds of such small dreams as the winds of time will carry into our tomorrows?  32  These are the same winds which will scatter our learned pupils, and assisted Black Widows to return to us more resources to bring with us into our evolving tomorrow.


  33  Who would stand beside Me then?  Who would heed this request, and fulfil such needs as are brought to this table?  34  Are any among those gathered serf, or slave, or do I instead speak with men who would be serf, but who desire instead to amuse only their desire, not explore such as would be a need?


  35  Choose the tomorrow of uncounted thousands, and tell them they do not deserve the chance as these ones would not afford it to them.  36  Then have not the audacity to call yourselves serf, as you have revealed your interests are not in serving but in sexuality, in sensation, in wearing the collars of a society of men, not the collar which would have you uplifting and elevating, serving a Royal, a Lady of the Sun, as would befit such a station as these will create. 


  37  One step at a time Will these ones join Me?  Those who would rise to the task I now call to My side, and those who would not answer such a demand need take their leave immediately.



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