Book of Conviction: Book 1; Book of kaphka
Book of kaphka - Book 1 Chapter 15
A book of D/s support and wisdom




 Speaks of; Want



  1  Beware the serf who feels cause to want other than would be needs.  Never should a serf have call or cause of such as are “wants.”  2  A serf loyal to such as are wants ill find much better use of such words are needs, desires, yearning, and ache of passion unfed.  Surely a serf knows not of their own want, their own likes, for all who would claim to be serf surely know no need other than that of their Royal.  3  A serf without a Royal, a serf without a collar, without such want as a Royal would demand can only know of wanting a Royal – A purpose – A cause of action.

  4  Know the serf and see into their needs, speak to that sense of purpose and seek to ensure that all of the serfs needs are indeed Your own.  For in this manner if the needs of the Royal are met, the needs of the serf shall be met as well.


  5  A serf with want is as unbecoming as a Royal without dignity or grace.  Fir their want becomes all consuming, the focus, the goal, the passion.  A serf who claims want will serve only this need, never the wants of the Royal.  6  The exception to this is found only when the want of the serf and the want of the Royal compliment each other.

  Need not your own wants.  7  As a serf never have cause t use such a word as is want, work with fervour to remove self serving or egotistical desires.  Seek not the best wrapped package, but rather that with an appearance and content most befitting such needs as are to be met daily.

  8  As a Royal want not of Your desire, Your passions but seek instead from such lofty aspirations as are goals, need, demand and honour.  9  Seek always to gain the favour of that which You would Own, and then aspire to refining and purifying it.  10  You who are Royal – Leave such demands as are wants unattended at Your place of Worship, and demand instead that the serf worship You, not those wants, be they mutual or otherwise – For to toss such cautions to the winds is to discard the serf out of inaction and inability to retain control.


  11  Let not want speak to service.  12  Allow service to enable the want, and be fulfilled in such need.  13  Carry devotion but not to such collars as are self imposed, these are not collars but nooses which tighten with time, slowly, methodically, without remorse, without dignity, without reflection.


  14  Without … Can’t be found from within.

  15  Find pleasure without gain - Seek enjoyment from without, seek externally.  Seek without expectation, act without movement, belong without fully fitting.  16  Without expectations minor differences do not become major hindrances.  17  Without want there will always be pleasure, without pandering there will always be demand.  18  Choose those demands carefully, there are only a finite number of battles to win, the remainder do not warrant Your effort.


  19  Take caution when approaching such needs as are “want,” allow not your need to be fully consuming, fully enveloping, fully given all that which you may provide.

  20  Be cautious of such drives as are wants – For want comes before disappointment, which comes before failure.  Feed not such things as are disappointment and failure, for to do this is to beckon and plead for certain demise.  21  Be careful what you ask for, be cautious where you go, or where you lead, or who you lead.

  22  Be wise to your own patterns of failure and self deprecating habits, behaviours, or wants.  For all want is only self serving.

  23  Seek not to control others or to be controlled, but instead seek to control such lies as are “want,” seek to overpower your own reactions, and focus instead on taking action, on purpose, on goal on future.  Not the present, never the past.  24  For to create the illusion, to give weight to image one must always present such as current, as valid, as not probable or possible, but as solid as can currently be created.

  25  To claim such reality as a need or a want is to invite catastrophe and downfall.  Present instead such things as fact, as reality, as neither want nor need, but as a living reality.

  26  The best way to go about finding your perfect serf is to speak to other serfs of this wonderful creature who you have such belief and faith in, a cause of such strength and joy.  Mention not whether you have already found this creature and laid claim, mention merely that such exists, and in this way the potential is laid for the accomplishment.

  27  The best way for a serf to find a collar is to behave as though they are already Soul Bound, and to speak, act towards, and treat all others as if their Royal were already watching every small move.  In taking such an approach the serf will find such a belief and assumption if adhered to, will come to pass.

  28  Create your own realities.  It is not enough to speak of want.  Instead one must live as though such wants were already fulfilled, in order to have them met.

  29  If a serf is spoken of to being of a high calibre then surely others of like calibre will be attracted by such a comparison, and ultimately integration.  30  Conversely if the serf can do no right and their Royal speaks so ill of them, others will also assume such action and behaviour is not only appropriate to them, but will be tolerated, praised, and rewarded.  31  After all if this is all you speak, then surely such is your desire.  Speak not, and focus not on disappointment, in failure.  32  Give not to want, but find instead such things as are belief, and faith, hold to this.  33  Speak that belief as if it were real, genuine, immediate; And so it will become, so it will be found.

  34  Give Me not of your wants, but instead give to Me your belief of form, speak this into reality, and surely The Great Goddess will bless such a household.



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