Book of Conviction: Book 1; Book of kaphka
Book of kaphka - Book 1 Chapter 16
A book of D/s support and wisdom




Speaks of; Fear


  1  Fear becomes such a serf who speaks with the tongue of men.  2  Fear becomes the serf who flees such as is passion. Such as is ego Such as is unfounded pride.  3  Fear becomes the soul who speaks not form the heart, the soul, but only from the mind.  Fear becomes the heart which continually seeks such things as are wants, as become needs. 4   Fear bemoans the mind who holds so tightly to such loneliness as becomes desire unrequited.  5  Fear becomes ambition without goal, without direction, without focus.  Fear becomes those who chose to live within, rather than without.  6  Fear becomes the heart which feels lost to time, abandoned for want.  Fear becomes the life which passes un-noticed, unmentioned.  7  Fear becomes those who attempt to find such solace as truth would bring Looking into a world of lies the world of men The world in which we live today.  8  Fear becomes no one.  Fear becomes nothing.  9  Fear is a wasted dream which when called answers far too quickly to be benevolent.   10  Fear is self serving, self defeatist, and self-deprecating.

  11  Fear calls to the demons of a reality which is lies, and asks that this reality become a reality of enveloping and encompassing proportions.  12  Fear begs to be teased into the heart which knows it not.  Fear beseeches the soul who is balanced to fall prey to such as are wants, to seeks and find them, to spend days upon years feeding and caring for such fear.  For without such care and attention fear can not become founded, will not take root will become lost.  13  Seek not to cater to your fears, to feed your abuses, to permit such shattered dreams as become abandon.  14  Seek not to lay your head in the lap of iniquity, disgust, of faithless belief, and a tomorrow mired in the blood of such yesterdays as we now speak.  15  Stop up your mouth and close your heart to such remembrances, to such failure as is found in focusing upon such misgivings as are questions which have no answers.  16  Ask them not, and there will be no fear of such as might be answered.


  17  Fear is you.  You are your fears Loose your fear and hold to dream, hold to faith, hold to trust, perseverance, reward, tempering and most of all hold to self, to the knowledge of your soul, your heart, and yourself.

  18  There is no self there is only action of the self.  What will that action be based upon, and strengthened by?  19  When might that action fail?  How?  Why?  20  Is that failure preventable or avoidable?  How might the concern be alleviated?  21  What is the best course of action to avoid a return of the issue in the future?


  22  Face such as is fear with curiosity, with passion, with want to understand, and need to secure answers as must be found to enable a change of pattern.

  23  Gather strength to you, but always face such beasts as are fears head on, without remorse, without guilt, without shame, without pride, without lust.  24  Fracture not your strength in the face of such a worthy adversary as would be your fears. 25  Your creation of evil and shame will only bring this shame and evil back upon you.  26  Thus ask not why it is that such ill befalls you, or how it is you always manage to attract that which you fear or dislike most.

  27  Know simply that this is what takes your energy daily. It is this which you focus on in moments of silence, this is what you believe in, and assume will evolve.  28  This is what you find because in the end it is what you give so much to, and thus seek.  This is what eats your life, what brings you age and gifts to you such exhaustion.  29  This is what has become of your life Your fears have taken over, taken root and taken control.


  30  In order to posses control one must first take it from fear, win it over from distrust, engage it, and bury it alive that it may know sure defeat, and fail to return.  Take control of yourself, your own life, your own course and direction.  31  Take control from the jaws of defeat and permit not your fear to run rampant over the fields of life The shores of distant tomorrows and the barriers of today.  There are no barriers other than those which are believed Those which are followed, those which are given weight in action.  Nothing will stop the Royal or serf from attaining any goal.  32  What will stop even the most dedicated soul; is believing they will fail to achieve the goal or enable the dream, and furthering that fear with cause, with reason, with action which reinforces self defeatist confidence destroying fear.

  33  Live not on want feed not your need For to follow such a treacherous path is to beckon fear, to tease at the purse strings of not simply failure But absolute destruction.  34  Such is the world which men would set before you as secure, as anticipated and acceptable.  Such is the world which children rush to grow into, and become a part of.  35  Such is the world where so many have tired and died and where those no longer desiring to participate no longer need be.  36  Free your fear.  Leave your fears at the gates of men. 

  37  Come with us, enter the world of the divine, the inspired, the progressive, and the positive.  38  Become your dreams and leave the burdens of nightmare in the world where it was created.  39  Allow the room for wings, believe in the,, and they will be provided.

  40  Great is the power of belief, but greater still is the obstructive ability of fear.  Give it no quarter.

  41  Ask not which reality it is that you are entering, but carry your strength and solidarity that when you come to meet such demons as you have created; that your newfound armour and resolve will be sufficient to weather such onslaughts.  42  Carry it with you always and in all ways, all actions, all manners, so as to control your world, your reality, your environment.

  43  Starve your fear, that you can feed your dreams.

  44  Tomorrow comes only to those who live in it, demand it Create it.


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