Book of Conviction: Book 1; Book of kaphka
Book of kaphka - Book 1 Chapter 18
A book of D/s support and wisdom




Speaks of; Environment


1  Uplift your heart, raise your voice, for the beauty of life chosen is all around you.  Live not by a clock, but by the speed of heart, which is the clock of eternity. 

  Know well the feeling of uplifted cheeks and uplifted eyes, for in finding these things uplifted, one’s life and very being is uplifted as well.

  Uplift the virtues of your serfs and praise those as serve You heartily and well, such are the ties that bind, the joys that hold.  Uplift the perfection of each day, the peace and tranquillity found in such moments as were presented.  Uplift the joy of Your serfs bring to You, and keep it as Yours.  Uplift such moments as are heartache and pain, for such pain makes the joy so much sweeter.  Uplift the tears, for tears are purifying.  Tears bring release, tears give weight to trust, give credence to commitment despite discomfort. 9 Uplift those around You that they will follow such examples as You might set, and in turn such behaviour as to live by Your words.  10    For if the serf is to live by the word of the Royal, then reason shares with us such clarity as to show that speaking well of a serf encourages such service as will suit You well.  11    Never speak ill of a serf, for to do so is ill becoming, as this action shows that he serf gained control over You, and maintains control in continuing to have reign over Your emotions.  12    Speak well and act respectably towards all You come into contact with, and respect will fill Your footsteps, and precede Your arrival.

  13    Respect will become Your name, and surely such as this serves you well indeed, for without that which is respect there can be no gift of release, no true taking of control.

  1  Uplift Your heart – That your carriage might follow.

  1  Uplift your voice – Sing always the praises of life, cry not of such as is sorrow.

  1  Uplift Your cheeks – For when you carry a smile, you bring one to others as well.

  17    Uplift your heartache – For in fully knowing such pain, You will be fully knowing the scope of potential joy.

  18    Uplift Virtue – That it may be continued and reinforced.

  19    Uplift perfection – This is the goal to attain … If it is attainable.

  20    Uplift joy that it may return to you again.

  21    Uplift tears that such water may nurture your garden of life.

  22    Uplift today, and expect no less of tomorrow.

  23    For in only two days … What was the future, will become the past.


  24    Take such time to enjoy life, as to create reward, so to further your push into tomorrow and beyond.  Cater to happiness and leave such as is sorrow in the past where it was created.

  25    Uplift Your self, demand more of Your own actions, and react not.  For in re-acting One again gives control to the one causing such reaction.  26    Treat such as are these, as lesser evolved, and see them as the manipulative, fear filled, angry creatures which they truly are.  27    Take not such time as these would demand – For in so demanding , and so catering they create the cycle by which negativity, fear, pain, and anger is given weight to – But You my friends, You are the Ones to allow and encourage it.

  28    Leave the ones such as are these prostate upon the stairs of time, for just as surely as their gladness to be sent there is the assurity that they will still be there lamenting and being so self indulging in the futures of tomorrow.  29    Remember and hold, such as are these are not being abandoned, but are being permitted time to reflect and revise.

  30    Allow such reflection to be of the calibre which You deserve and demand of Yourself as well.

  31    Control what You uplift, what You speak of, what You give Yourself to, and only then can You control the being of another.  Only then cam You claim self control.


  32    Be warned of the serf who has greater control then do You, for a serf who is stoic, who is forever a pillar, is not to be trusted.

  33    Small movements of heart belie no movement of intention, and a serf never comes to a Royal or remains for any time loyal or committed to anything other than serving the will of self34    Thus movement of heart and emotional imbalance denotes an altering of such self serving plans.

  35    Should the serf become, or be “resolved,” be warned of such misadventure as is sure to follow.  36    Hold to the rock of church, use the gifts of clergy, and always work to the advantage of both parties.  37    If this is not possible then the match is not a good one and should be requested to terminate.

  38    Tears bring proof of intent dissolved.  39    Tears show such as is commitment.  40    Tears permit a serf to see they are serving self.  41    Tears show more than pain, they show intent, they show desire, they bind, they secure, and they solidify trust.  42    Do not soften to a tear filled face, but find strength in knowing this is the greatest gift Your serf will ever give You.


  43    Create such oceans of tears as to permit Your rock to be the only refuge, the only solace, the only desire of tomorrow, and surely the serf will swim to You, climb upon such solidity, and kneel happily before You.


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