Book of Conviction: Book 1; Book of kaphka
Book of kaphka - Book 1 Chapter 19
A book of D/s support and wisdom




Speaks of; Authority


  1  But there for the grace of My serfs go I, naked covered in the filth of men, begging of them, awaiting their “kindness’.” 2  There but for the grace of My serfs go I, unfulfilled, seeking that which can not be found, forever awaiting a dream. 3  There but for the grace of My serfs go I, filled with fear, filled with anger, filled and yet empty of conscience, bereft of pride. 4  There but for the grace of My serfs go I, speaking ill of those around Me, expecting ill of those known as “friend,” demanding that which is of no purpose and holding to that of no consequence.

5  By the grace of My serfs do I know dignity, cleanliness of thought, of heart, of intention, for not only is this anticipated but it is demanded of those who would be in contact with these who are of higher ilk. 6  By the grace of My serfs do I know fulfillment, pride and honour, for such as would be worthy of the title of serf know that to bring fulfillment is to instill pride and create honour for both sides. 7  By the grace of My serfs do I know peace, contentment, security and conscience, for not only is such brought to Me, but it is also taken from Me, it is My lead and example by which the compass of those who are My serf would be set, so that this way our mutual dreams may all be found. 8  By the grace of My serfs do I know pride, am I demanded to bear conscience – Such are the responsibilities and gifts which come through Ownership.  9  By the grace of My serfs does My tongue always fall lightly, do My expectations remain high, do those who I call friend remain balanced and held in high regard, demanding that which is only of higher or greater purpose, and permit Me to hold only that of great consequence and worth.

10  By the grace of those who would be serf, does a Royal come to exist, for if none would follow, never would there be a point to leading, never would there be a destination to attain, never would there be cause for such as are manipulations of will, and transformation of circumstance. 11  If none were to follow there would be no leader, the destination would be already attained, will would not be malleable and destination would never deviate.
12  Without the honour of those who would be serf there would be no authority, for there would be no subordinate which to praise, which to berate. 13  Without the ceremony of a serf there would be no reverence, no dignity of event, no belief in attaining the hitherto unattainable for by the power of one, one goal may be attained. 14  It is by the power of two that there might be a new path forged. 15  By the power of three it is that new creation might take root. 16  By the power of four it is that the four faces of truth might be found. 17  By the power of five the smallest powers of world change can be found. By the power of six balance compounds security, and magnifies ability. 18  By the power of seven authority becomes grace, and virtue becomes habit. It is by the power of eight that time can be held still, and moments captured eternally. 19  By the power of nine rock becomes sand, desert becomes farm land, darkness becomes light.
20  By the power of a serf who will work with others to attain such a goal as the Royal would set, are the heavens and earth moved as easily as the surf moves upon the sand.
21  Authority is of no purpose if it is without foundation, without direction, without bearing. Capitulation is of no purpose if it is done to One without foundation, One without direction, One without bearing.

22  Choose those who respect Your authority, for they will bring You grace.
23  Choose Those who bring you grace, for you will respect Their authority, always.

24  Hold tight to Your authority and give away only what You can get back multiplied, magnified, and modified to a more acceptable form. 25  If You can not guarantee this, let not a hairs breadth of “give,” for to do so is to encourage the taking of an inch. Give of Your heart, give of Your soul, but hold firm always to Your authority.

26  Stay strong in the authority of your Royal and give willingly what is yours to give. 27  Again and again a serf must capitulate willingly, happily, and with a light heart, today, tomorrow, and into the future. 28  Give openly; give without regret, without expectation. 29  Give not only what is easy to share, but what is most treasured, usually held back and thus most pure. Give of the heart, give of the soul, always hold to that foundation of submission, that caste of grace.

30  Come together with the same understanding of authority, of expectation, of desire. 31  Come together in times of plenty and in times of perseverance, in times of smiles, and in times of sorrow. 32  Stay together always within the bounds which this authority holds, and evade not the responsibilities of both responsibility and grace, in evading this one destroys all they might have had, held and honoured.


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