Book of Conviction: Book 1; Book of kaphka
Book of kaphka - Book 1 Chapter 2
A book of D/s support and wisdom




Speaks of; Differences in perceptions


My kingdom for a couple of good serfs I say!  For without those serfs My kingdom is of little value to Me 3  A crown without Jewels, a gown which is yet only fabric and remains unmade, a river without current, a home yet to be found.  4 Naked am I before the masses and the eyes of a world lost in exposing its own iniquities and short comings, a world which analyzes and seeks fault with others, yet refuses to look within or make clear their own indiscrepencies and alter the reflected behavioral short comings, a world remiss to admit that their self designated drives still fall under the ever encircling bands of collars and desire.

5  I look coldly at this world which worships a God who doesn't acknowledge.  6  I watch people fall to their knees, cry out in shame and pain, beg for forgiveness, and willingly give up their control to a being, and entity who speaks not to them, nor of them.  7 This is the same Superior who knows not their name, nor their need.  8 A Superior who would give and create that need and then go on to deny the legitimacy of it, a Superior who changes identity and motivation without warning, without rationalization, without explanation.
9 I look to that world and I wonder what the great differences in their world and ours is and I realize there isn't much of one at all, and yet that threat in Our strength, in based perception; is the greatest threat to them all.  10 For I too see serfs fall to their knees, cry out in their shame and pain, beg for forgiveness, and willingly give up their power to a Superior, but that entity does speak to them, and of them.  11  This Superior does know their name, indeed in many cases has given the serf that very name they speak, and who better to know the need than the One who has thus placed and encouraged it.  12 Here is a Superior of numerous comforting identities and motivations, without need for warnings, rationalizations, nor need for explanations.  13  If She can save one then She is a saviour; if She can save many She is a great saviour, if She can save even more then She is the greatest saviour.  14  If She can save Herself then She is the saviour.  15  So then why do they continue to deny the validity of our very existence?  16  For what difference is it in this convoluted world of men that one should be called a different term?  Much of mans own terminology is erroneous in any regard.    17  We seek to re-align the ideals with the reality and to thus further the growth of the human spirit.  For we hold to and believe that it is through this form of stability and growth and expression that humanity progresses.


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