Book of Conviction: Book 1; Book of kaphka
Book of kaphka - Book 1 Chapter 21
A book of D/s support and wisdom




Speaks of; Perseverance of Dream 

  1  A serf called to the winds for a dream, cried to the moon for a hope, begged the sea to know such bounds as beaches and cliffs.  2  The serf knew and held to such needs, carried such treasure within a shielded heart as would be service, as would be the jewel of desire.  3  That lone serf piloted the small raft through storms, and cold, through heat, and silence, through fear, and betrayal, and hope – But always, always alone.
4  The serf fished and lived from such meagre existence as it could gain from the surrounding environment, ill equipped as it was.  5  The serf slept upon the roughness of the wood, and enjoyed the feel of the solidity in such an ever changing environment.  6  The serf drank of the rains, and rarely was its thirst slaked, rarely was it not parched. The serf survived but it did not live, it knew not of its own essence, only of its being.  7  The serf learned silence for it had no one to speak with, it could only reflect upon such things as might be imagined teachings.  8  The serf learned self reliance for it had no others to rely upon, if it did not seek food it did not eat.  9  The serf learned to live without excess’ and to find the beauty in its stark environment, it discovered the synchronized dance of the dominant and submissive, it found itself deaf in the pounding of the waves, the sound of the rising spray.  10  More often that not the serf learned it had cause and need to cling to that small craft with all it might, for all its life, for if it lost hold no one was there to save it, no one would hold to it, it was alone.  11  The serf learned bravery, for as it faced and triumphed over each trial it found strength and confidence, and when faced with the same task again it found it had experience, it had knowledge.
12  Thus it was, in this manner that the serf once I had cast its lot into the waters of time grew slowly, alone and became confident.  13  Thus it was that, in this manner the serf once awe struck with the world it faced became instead awe inspired, and awe filled.  14  Thus it was that a serf who was once without bearing, without cause, came to look upon the stars one evening and seeing a shooting star decided to race the moon.
15  In the half light that would be night upon the waters of time, that serf reached up as so many had before, and as so vary many will after – The serf found itself upon its knees begging for comfort, begging for solace, begging for release from such constraints as singularity. 16  But the moon did not hear the cries, the stars did not see the small pitiful form and the waves simply rose and fell without thought, without destination.
17  The serf slept and found no dreams, no release from the silence, the static and ever changing landscape encircled and enveloped the mind which begged for release and yet was too numb to accept it had been released, given up to the sands of time, lost to waves of passion, consumed by the grand vistas of the unknown.
18  Still the serf held and clung to the raft, still the serf cried out and called for respite, still the serf became more than one with the environment it was cast into, it became a part of the environment it was no more then a fish, or the foam upon the waters.

19  Waking to the blazing heat of the sun, the serf realized this, and finally gave itself up to the power of the water.  20  The serf took down the sails and allowed the currents of time to move it towards its home.  21  The great battle having ceased, duty took hold and the serf struck to the task of survival with great abandon, it became strong in knowing that with time would come destiny and so it focused each day upon achieving such abilities as were needed for survival and paramount to acceptance when netted.  22  Slowly the serf found it was proud of its survival and it found that daily it would recount the most harrowing trials, and the most glorious success.  23  The serf found that in small tasks were great results, and greater pride, the serf found that in such small and meagre tasks, it found itself.
24  So it was that the monotony of survival became the glorification of release.  25  For in each small step was gained great ground, great stability was had on the precarious perch of that small raft, and yet still the serf found it was unfulfilled for it knew now it could survive but still it had not found such peace as would be life.  26  The moon rose and glinted off the waves, the serf watched the half light and imagined tomorrow looming upon the horizon that it knew did not exist, it believed in the fact that it was now ready to build upon such ground as would be service. Longingly that serf cast its eyes over the crests and felt the solidity within its heart, that one place which was not fluid, which did not ebb and flow, and it grasped to the faith, it knew would come.
27  Without desire it created a world of acceptance and belonging within its heart, it opened its mind to the sweet pain of pleasure, and the release it would only find if it could find One to accept the responsibility of holding its leash, of keeping its key.
28  Reaching up the serfs hand went to the mast on the small raft and finding that key still tied there it knew there was still hope for it to find a home yet. 29  So long as that key was not lost or stolen, so long as the serf remained alive, so long as those waves continued to move, so too did time, so too did hope, and chance.
30  Tomorrow rose bright to eyes cast without focus, and the serf saw nothing but brightness reflecting back upon it. 31  Heat seeped into the browned and toughened skin, and it knelt once again to beg for validation, what it received was so very much more, that such dreams had never been imagined and could never be revealed, for still the serf finds itself carried off by this current, captive now on a ship which pilots the waters with grace, which weathers the storms with ease, and which knows direction, gives sustenance, provides companionship and so easily manages the beasts that the serf now finds the chore is to remain focused on such simplicities as it once knew, and treasured.  32  Thus the serf discovered that it has found its home, but more then this the serf found it had found a happiness, and the relief which can only be found in the release of a soul into destiny,

  33  And so it is that a serf without a collar is bound to seek out their destiny, and the serf who does have a collar finds themselves freed into a destiny which can only be perfect.  34  So it is that a serf who is alone is bound and gagged, while a serf who does kneel before their Owner finds themselves fully empowered and freed.

  35  Deny not the destiny which is yours, but seek not to track that destiny either, for it knows when and where it might find you, and it will come looking when the time is appropriate.  36  Ensure that the simplest arts of survival and self support are honed onto refined bearing and it will be found that such as would be destiny when met, will be known, and it will be accepted.  37  To deny one is to deny the other … Future in order to exist, must be begun, today.

  38  Seek not what you are ill prepared to accept, to be willing to bear the weight of, be ye Royal or serf – For to do this is to invite catastrophe and encourage ill fortune.


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