Book of Conviction: Book 1; Book of kaphka
Book of kaphka - Book 1 Chapter 22
A book of D/s support and wisdom




Speaks of; The will of a serf 

  1  So many would be of the belief that a serf as an object should have or will have no will, and yet I will ask those of this mind, does the floor covering change colour of its own will, or by cause of the sun?  2  Does a magnet move of its own will, or the pull of poles and metal?  3  Does the piggy bank collect its own pennies, or does someone have to assist in this? 

  4  It is the will of a slave to follow the heart, to obey the voice within.  5  So long as this voice is in keeping with all of the natural laws and bearings the magnet will pull towards You instead of away from You.

  6  Keep with natural laws and follow always the call of the heart, the voice of reason the will of within, stray not from the path of together and fall not from the cliffs of despair.  7  Know that there shall always be will, and t here shall always be ego, realize and know there will always be jealousy, there will forever exist vanity, there will live need, there will  breathe greed, there will wallow wrath Never will it be wise to believe that the will of a serf is not pulled by outside forces, never is it intelligent to hold that the serf feels no exterior needs, never is it prudent for the Royal to hold to such blind faith as is trust.  8  It is not the desire of the serf to be led astray, it is merely the nature of the serf to be led.  It is not the nature of the magnet to move, only to be pulled. 

  9  Many are the times when a serf will find that the temptation to follow the pull of another is strong, many times over will the serf need to decide and realize, over and again make the choice to follow the Royal to whom the promise was made, no matter how strong is the pull to break such promise.  10  Many times over will the moth be pulled to the flame of another, and it is the duty of the Royal in such times to shine brighter so as to call ever louder to their serf, to bind them tighter, to show dedication as is given.

  11  Believe that the serf and the slave both will feel and know such desires and hopes as would be serving another, as would be chasing another flame.  12  Know too the dangers in such aimless pursuits as would be chasing of desires, or the sharing of one who You desire to keep close. 

  13  Great is the danger in sharing the time, the gifts and blessings of a slave with any who would pass, for too often the moth in following their nature and flying to the flame is burnt.  14  Too often in the burning is the moth disfigured and crippled, too often do they lie dead by morning. 


  15  The slave once held by One, and permitted to serve another who thus tastes and feels of this desire, who is thus abused and maligned and left for dead knows and can speak of the truth in this claim. 

  16  The slave held by One and asked to serve Another is no different, no exception, no alteration.


  17  Believe in the nature of the slave, the nature of the collar, the nature of the commitment.  18  Place stock in proven records, in patterns of stout duration.  Hold to truth of heart, of behaviour, of act.  19  Know the redemption of trust, the purification of belief, the conviction of tested training.  20  Hold always to natural law, know well the laws of the beast to be tamed, the scent of its lair, and the staples of the diet.  21  Learn to recognize the signs of an invading predator, and yet too recognise the scent of a friendly visitor.  22  Know the difference between mans law, gods law, and natural law.  23  Know the subtleties of inflection which cause the one to be mistaken for another, and use this art to Your advantage. 

  24  Keep always the laws of men for the chains of this world can not be broken.

  25  Keep always the laws of the God for the wrath of men can not be slaked.

  26  Keep foremost natural law for no matter the trials of men and their God, forever will the strength and conviction of truth will out.  27  Forever will nature and Her laws reign supreme over the finest laid plans in the world of men.


  28  Train, try and traverse but never forget the nature of the worthy serf is to follow, Your duty is to provide a tangible lead.  29  If this is accomplished firmly, lovingly, kindly then forever will the nature of the serf be to stay close, to this which is home.

  30 All serfs, all slaves have will, and they will be happy to use it.  The question is whether You will be prepared for this, or not.  31  Decry not the desire, but the act itself.  Decry not the serf but their actions of will.  32  Decry not the strength of conviction or the accomplishment, but rather work to decry the ill effects of such nature.


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