Book of Conviction: Book 1; Book of kaphka
Book of kaphka - Book 1 Chapter 23
A book of D/s support and wisdom




Speaks of; Small Battles 

  1  Without pause, without respite, without cause or purpose a Royal and a serf both and singly find that they are often the center of unwanted attention.  2  Oftentimes the battles which are begun upon the fronts of workplace, or roadways, boardrooms or bath house battles taken up at a much earlier point in the day are still being fought when faced with the doors of home.  3  Too many times that which is not yours is placed before You, accept it not.  4  Ensure a healthy and balanced perception is involved in any response chosen, and always starve the beasts which You did not create.  5  Give no attention to demons created outside the house, outside the training, outside of the rules of conduct, if they are not Yours, do not feed them, do not welcome them into Your homes.

6  There was a good friend who once reminded Me, to choose My battles wisely, as there are only a finite number of them One will win.  7  Initially the statement seemed a little nonsensical, and yet still the comment rolled around My mind.  8  As I reflected on the thought I came to understand that all wars are made of a multitude of small battles, and that the results of the skirmishes are of little consequence, and indeed better served to be used as information gathering, and positive positional placement.  9  However, It is the result of the final battle which will stay in the heart and mind of both Yourself, and the adversary.
10  You can opt to focus Your energy on the small issues and lose the greater focus, or You can focus on the big results and not be so concerned with the smaller, petty battles.  11  Either way the final result of the efforts will be Yours, chose your battles wisely.

12  Many Royals seems to be unable to grasp the concepts of reward as opposed to punishment.  13  Punishment is not to be enjoyable, not to be desired, not to be sought.  14  The exception to this being if You are creating a masochistic serf and are working to coerce them into accepting harsher and crueler punishments.  15  As a rule however it is not wise to play into and pander to the ill mannered behaviour of Your serfs.  16  This is the pattern by which negative and draining behaviour is begun, and set.  17  It is up to You to see the pattern and change it, not the responsibility of the serf to change their nature unassisted.
 18  In order to accomplish this, the methods are simple.  
19  Ensure that rewards are given, and that punishment if given, is harsh, is not something which is desired, and is productive to Your goal.  20  This is to say having a scullery serf write lines is probably as much of a waste of time as standing them in a corner, or spanking them.  21  Consider instead the option of yard work in the hot sun, without the advantage of sun block, or covering.  22  In this manner work is accomplished, punishment is meted out, and the reminders linger.  23  Once the flesh is thus heated and reddened the options and possibilities abound.  24  Be creative and enjoy Yourself, this is about You enjoying The process, if You are not being amused and the results are not to Your desire take the time to plot out the alternate course which will bring results more to Your long term liking.
25  The goal is to find and retain serfs who are complimentary and suitable to You, not to go through the ranks and then return for a second round.  26  If this is to serve both of you well, it is recommended to remember that today is not tomorrow, anything can be changed if one knows the correct manner in which to speak to the problem, and a pattern set by one Royal can be undone by Another who is wise, no matter how well entrenched it is.  27  This is both a warning and reminder heed it as both. 28  Allow not Your mood to be fouled by the small acts of a smaller mind, but choose instead to change the focus of Your attention to something more rewarding, which serves You better. To do otherwise is to squander time, and energy.

29  Our goal is to retain slaves for many years, and in order to accomplish this One needs no be lost n the pettiness of the masses, in the battles of the gutters, in the mud of daily life.  30  In order to succeed in this manner One must instead choose to fight only the battles of significance, realize the moments of possibility, of change, and of desired intervention, and place Themselves in the centre of such moments, remembering not the short term but instead focusing on the long haul.  31  In accomplishing this One accomplishes a multitude of sensible aspects of domination.  32  You are always there when needed, You are always supportive in times of collapse, You show You do notice, and care and most off all, You show understanding and compassion at just the right moments Most notably the moments the world sees and judges and causes them to conclude by. Thus too then such behaviour serves You doubly and triply well.  33  For the serf shall be bound to You in such acts, respect for You will be heightened by such course of action, and in elevating Yourself You create a positive environment with which to enter tomorrow, together.  34  Whether alone or apart each of you will always bare and carry a part of the other, your reputations and names will be wound together, be sure to choose well and wisely, friends; But stick to the choice once made.
Petty battles serve none to fight, none to continue, none to carry.
35  Small problems lead to large grudges, which leads to instability and in the end a certain and loud demise.  36  Small battles become big headaches if they are taken up and responded to, let not Your control be taken by such petty things and Your serfs shall reflect such calmness back.


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