Book of Conviction: Book 1; Book of kaphka
Book of kaphka - Book 1 Chapter 24
A book of D/s support and wisdom




Speaks of; Large Battles 

  1  So many ladies go through serfs like socks in the haphazard world in which I write these words.  2  A serf submits to their boss and the government before their Royal, and the Royal is never notified of problems or issues of conduct.  3  In My world One wears marks of their own volition, the serfs can have themselves pierced or tattooed on a whim, they run free, unchecked and believe they are slave.  4  In the times of the current today the battles are fought hourly and they are never productive, never with purpose, never of great intent.  5  The will of the community is as scattered as are Our members and the will of the group remains unfocused, without ambition, without direction.
6  In today’s day the sun is as brilliant as is the stupidity and infighting, the battles are of ego rather than merit, the abuse of power rather than the act of teaching and understanding, the jealousy and bragging outdone only by the pettiness of the demands made, and often answered.  7  For many desire to be bound and fettered, marked and held by a true Royal, by One not obsessed with the smaller indignities of life, and focused instead on the finer grace obtained in the joining of power, in the conjunction of thought, in the melding of ability, in the meshing of intent.
8  As the tree has room for every leaf, and as the leaves are unworried about their placement so long as they are held and retain their purpose, so are the members of the church to understand each of their stations and positions.  9  Each member is as vital as is the next, none is without bearing to the church, none is without purpose or ability.

10  Our first great battle will thus be within the community, in an effort to bind and create a cohesive and thriving group of dynamic and integrated like minded individuals, each treasured and acknowledged for their own unique blend of talents and gifts brought to the table.
11  Many will find this binding to be undesirable, as they currently practice behaviour and actions which the church will not condone.  12  Many will fail to realize that by remaining outside of the church they will become the targets of persecution themselves, and will only come to the church when their time of need arises.  13  These ones too are to be accepted, and welcomed. They are to be taught and assisted as needed without prejudice or judgments.  14  Should need for judgment arise they may be called to face the Judge, Jury and Executioner; However the members of the church shall not be allowed to sit in judgment of a member of their congregation, community, or region.  15  To allow such indiscretions is to permit the smaller battles which become the larger wars, and such allowances shall never be tolerated by the church or its members.  16  Once we are past today, it must not be allowed to return.  17  Fragmenting the community and separating the support network created and built so diligently must not be tolerated, for once we have created the stability gained in that greater base of balance we must move onto the second great war which is with the society we live in, and the failure of communication we have going on between community and society.
18  This is a battle which must be entered into with much forethought, much diligence to detail, much effort of will, and great resolve of heart.  19  None among us shall be of lesser faith or carry the shadows cast by doubt, for to allow this is to permit the dilution of the waters of faith and belief, and to encourage a pollution which once begun is close to impossible to terminate.

20  And so the second battle shall be for Our name, our recognition, respect, and universal understanding and cohesion to our rules and method of action.

21  The third great war shall again be fought within, in an effort to purify and cleanse the ill hearted and evil souls which will permeate the church and seek protection from within he security of Our fold.  22  This too shall neither be tolerated nor permitted, and those who practice such revulsion shall be turned over forthwith to the appropriate authorities upon discovery.  23  Punishment within the bounds of church protocol may be exercised prior to releasing the disgrace into public hands with the support, assistance, and blessing of the church.  24  For never shall one be forced to endure the indignities of another, and to do so outside of the accepted relationship bounds of the church and claim membership is to disavow the church and yet call retribution for he damage of reputation and the cast of lesser desire upon such a pinnacle of beauty as We would jointly create.     25  Never shall any be tolerated to desecrate upon this reality which so many have worked so hard to create.

26  The fourth great war will be fought for a change of law, a reflection of the claimed acceptance and the proffered change in societal stance.  27  Do not permit them to coerce the church into a lesser position than has been gained and fought for, but instead use this opportunity to again elevate the members and congregations to their deserved status of higher bearing and greater understanding.

28  The fifth great war shall be fought higher up within the church and be fought in conjunction with the fourth war, or immediately thereafter.  29  Never shall such a battle become par of the public domain and should such be the case those responsible must be relieved of their stations immediately unless they have brought only positive light and understanding of the church to the public.  30  Any church official responsible for the degradation of the church ethics, morals or codes shall immediately be brought to bar by both church and societal means for as long as both options remain viable and possible.  31  Never shall one who insults so many be allowed to escape the most severe punishments possible, and allow each of their indiscretions to serve as a reminder and warning to those thinking of repeating such atrocities in the future.
32  The church shall always be seen in the most glowing of lights, the most positive of positions the most rewarding and truthful of philosophies for indeed as the members will attest, this is indeed the case.


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