Book of Conviction: Book 1; Book of kaphka
Book of kaphka - Book 1 Chapter 25
A book of D/s support and wisdom




Speaks of; Going Beyond the Small Battles

  1   Our battles shall always remain, never shall there come a time when absolute silence reigns, for if such is the case the silence bespeaks a slow and certain death.  2  Never shall there come a time when progress and growth is unattainable, unknown, or fails to be acknowledged.  3  It is forever the duty and obligation of the church and all of the members thereof to continually evolve, grow, gain balance and strength.  4  Forever shall those involved with those within seek to expand beyond the confines and bounds of current accepted behavioural norms and projected societal eventualities.  5  There is always and forever room for improvement and expansion of purpose, should the path become clouded and lost, should the altering of the church cause the future to become so unfocused that One need look back to the past for guidance and to understand the original direction and point of bearing they shall be allowed to investigate such documents and the progression thereof within the Hall of Records. 

  6  All members shall always be permitted voice, and should that voice find allies and strength and should that strength demand attention remember that it is always wisest to seek the change be begun within the church, and then carried to the world outside the window. 

  7  Learn to stand beside your brothers and sisters, learn to support Yourself, learn to trust in the tomorrow which will be given voice by those taking the time to speak and create it.  8  Learn to evolve within the bounds until you continually stress and push at them as a group continually.  9  For the weight of one voice will never suffice to bring down the wall, unless that single voice bears the weight of nations and is backed by leagues of believers in the validity of removing such walls.


  10  In order for cohesive unity to be found each and every member must learn to refrain from sitting in judgement, or speaking in judgment of any other member of the church.  11  Should concern arise to which weight and evidence lies in factual stagnation awaiting to be noticed, there shall be immediate and harsh action taken to verify, to dispute, to investigate, to refute, to accept or to deny such behaviours, actions, words or abuses on the part of the membership, or clergy.

  12  The investigations and court shall be held before the Judge, Jury and Executioner, and shall be kept in detail from the membership until such time as decision and conviction have been come to.  13  It is believed that publication of such atrocities, or the sharing of such disclosures as are heard by the Court shall remain within the Court, only in the cases of outside discipline, societal intervention or extreme abuse shall the particulars of the matter be divulged.

  14  For so much as it is the duty of the church to protect the members from the members of the church from societal disagreements, so too is it the duty of the clergy to protect the members of the congregations from each other, and until this common staple of today’s antics is laid to rest within the pages of DESTRUCTION it shall remain the greatest hindrance to Our cause, goal and desire.  15  So long as we fight and collapse from within the battles without, and on the numerous exterior fronts can never be fairly addressed, or respectably fought.  16  So long as all of the members continue to hold personal issue and petty difference there shall be such petty battles and personal wars as are fully unbefitting all members of Our community, whether Royal or serf.


  17  Once We can move beyond this perception of needing to fight and can manage to realize that what We see is but small fragments of the larger picture, the 10 minutes out of 24 hours.  18  It is not Our place to agree or disagree with the methods which any Royal would chose to evoke, and which the Royal believes serves them.  19  It does however become the business and place of the Judge, Jury and Executioner to cause such claims of abuse as are brought before the church to be weighted with understanding and given credence, or conviction.

  20  It is not the place of any member of the church to be involved in the resolving of any issues as are placed before the Courts, and should members desire to speak to the matter they may opt to place a factual evidentiary report with The Governing Council or any of its members. 

  21  All reports made shall be read individually and recorded by the Hall of Records, all cases shall have only the evidence regarding the case at hand placed before the Governing Council who will decide if the matter will indeed move to the Judiciary Council, or whether such interests are better suited as a dissolvement of Promise and Claim as have been made by either or both parties.

  22  Hard or hurt feeling, a sense of abandonment or ridicule, the sensation of disapproval shall the members and Clergy work to remove from the Church, for each and every one of those who participates in such activity as the Church holds to be Holy and Sacrosanct, carries with them their own oddity of desire, and thus none of us is any better, any different or any more or less special than the next within the group.

  23  Never shall the Church view any acts of paedophilia as being acts which our creeds and Clergy support.  Never shall the Church view any acts of bestiality as being acts which Our creeds and Clergy support, for neither of these realms of behaviour are accepted by the members of R.A.I.N.B.O.W.S. nor will they be tolerated.  24  Any member practicing such activity shall be reported directly to the Judiciary Council, and upon verification of any statements as attested by the membership or Clergy the retribution and response of the Church shall be harsh and swift, regardless of the position of the offender, or the placement of the individual within the community or Clergy.  25  None are above reproach by the Judge, Jury and Executioner, for the Eye of Isis sees and knows all.  26  Whether She is known in form or not to the members, She is known in act and deed to be very knowledgeable of Her flock.  27  Always does She know, what is Hers, and what is slipping from Her grasp.  Always does She speak to the heart of the matter, and leave outside the walls of Her Chambers the pettiness of the lesser Gods and Goddess’ – Eternally will Her eye be open to the doings of the members, and the undoing of the Church.

  28  Take direction from Isis and know Her lesson is in attaining higher grace, greater insight, deeper acknowledgement of  the issues and concerns of Her people than might be found by pandering to the smaller and less worthy battles.  29  Such peevances as are these will be addressed by lower clergy, the Community Council or Special Council as may be deemed appropriate.

  30  Let not the glare off the waters blind You.  31  Allow not the direction to be lost in the storm.  Give not the dream unto the care of those unfit to care for and nurture it, for that which you dream is the future.


  32  Get beyond the small troubles My friends and together we shall fight many great battles.  33  Remain scattered, remain squabbling, and we remain unworthy of acknowledgement.


  34  Place no judgement on a slave who does not make Promise to You.

  35  Place not any judgement on a Royal to whom you have no responsibility.

  36  Place no judgement on any member of the church.

  37  Do not speak of, nor think ill of any Royal, nor any serf.

  38  Place not Your burdens upon the back of one who has not asked to carry them.

  39  Give not your cares to One who has no desire to hear of them.


  40  These are the breeding grounds of petty battles, of damaged pride and shattered ego.  These are the places where the first battles need be engaged and truths must be shared, rather than barbs exchanged.  41  Keep not your associate pinned upon the wall of despair, but instead bring them into the fold, and seek to understand, much can be shared if together We seek, and share the results of Our investigations.


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