Book of Conviction: Book 1; Book of kaphka
Book of kaphka - Book 1 Chapter 26
A book of D/s support and wisdom




Speaks of; Internal Battles and Struggles

  1 Many will be the battles fought within.  Many will be the struggles to which one might hold and One might not.  2  Many will there be times in which it will be of great effort and tribulation to merely stand, let alone to elegantly defray that which is of great disturbance and issue.

  3  Many times will the serf desire to run, many times will that serf have cause to reflect upon servitude, obedience, honour, loyalty, and trust.  4  Many times will One have to justify such a thought, and many times will a Royal need to again remind the serf of the security within the bounds of a collar.

  5  Never will full trust be given, for the serf remains unable to fully give that which they do not hold unto themselves.  Do not expect more from those who You would collar than You are willing to give, and share Yourself. 

  6  Too many times do Royals utter the words, A serf can not be trusted.  If a serf is properly trained the trust should be easily had.  7  If the serf can not be trusted, then the training is as yet incomplete, and the Royal should refrain from placing such onus on a fledgling serf.


  8  Many times will there be cause to doubt the serf, or their intentions.  Many times will there be opportunity for misunderstanding, miscommunication, or simple misfortune.  9  As many times as a Royal doubts or has concern, know too the serf has doubly so many moments, and must face all of the doubts and fears which You refuse to acknowledge.  10  As many times as You close Your eyes, a serf of value will look, will address the un-named, will seek the unfound, will crave the answers to the unknown.


  11  Too many will there be times where others insist upon laying claim, label or judgements where it is neither their duty, nor right, nor option to do so.  12  Many will there be times when a member is faced with the expectations, demands and outcry of another, who is expressing personal exception to method, mentality or moderation, and many will there be times when the societal perceptions and expectations do not concur with that which We would hold to.

  13  In these times of trial and tribulation, in these moments when others would test Your resolve, would belittle your efforts, would insult the stations which are held, or the position in which they find the object of their ridicule, know that quiet resolve is the greatest defense, remember that politeness and tact will always decide the victor.  14  Know that no matter the outcome of a single battle the war will be fought and won depending upon how each of us individually carries ourselves and responds to such emotional moments.


  15  Many times am I dismayed by those claiming to be serf, who would turn tail and run at the first sign of adverse possibility.  16  And so few are the times when there is one among the masses who does not  even claim to be serf and yet respectfully and with manners decries such carriage and simply states that such responses are unsuitable to their desires.  17  This balance serves everyone better to be shifted to the other end of the spectrum. 

  18  Toleration of abuse needs to be systematically eradicated from this realm.  Whether that abuse is coming from the top, the bottom, or the side is of little relevance.

  19  If a serf does not demand greater carriage of the Royals, the Royals will continue to be an insult to the community, to themselves and to the serfs who accept such behaviour and carriage as desirable.

  20  If a Royal does not demand greater carriage of the serfs, the serfs will continue to be errant and insulting to the community, themselves and the Royals who foolhardily believe they are in control of such individuals.


  21  If this is to change it must begin from within, we must all learn the most complimentary approach to disagreement, and learn to politely speak within such bounds.  22  It is possible, it can be done, and even the most cynical and jaded Royal can be seen smiling when the intelligent and caring serf stumbles upon such a response.


  23  Judge not, lest another find cause to in the process of the bashing have the Judge, Jury and Executioner called in to resolve the matter, and still the cries of the masses.

  24  Hold to grace, to tact and to manners, and know that this is the grasp which will win favour, respect, friends, and great reward.  25  Allow not the slide into lesser expectation to be begun, lest it be forgotten what true possibility represents, and what truly becomes a Royal, or compliments a serf.


  26  If the collar is not Yours, there is no right to judge.

  27  If the Royal is not yours, there is no right to judge.

    28  If the difficulty is between friends, the church shall remain uninvolved in the issue until brought forth by an outside party.
29  If the problem began before a commitment may have been taken hold to grace, politeness, tact, and manners and know that this too, shall pass, and if handled correctly Both sides will win.


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