Book of Conviction: Book 1; Book of kaphka
Book of kaphka - Book 1 Chapter 27
A book of D/s support and wisdom




 Speaks of; Wisdom



  1  The bounds of wisdom and the expanse of stupidity are matters often seen by those walking both the paths of serf, and Royal, and yet knowing where the one expanse begins and the other ends is seemingly a daunting task.  2  Each of these uncharted and forever changing landscapes carries its own weights and burdens, and yet it is to be noted that the boundaries which delineate and separate the two, can be found in the accomplishments and progression of the individual in question.  3  There is no difference between the light cast in the brilliance of a serf and the insight of a Royal, both are equally valuable, both serve the relationship and the church well, both move the Union into the future.  4  Then too, there is no difference between the errant thoughts of a serf and the misdirection of a Royal, for both are as equally destructive to the relationship and fail to serve the progression of the Union into the future.


  5  Any member of the church, whether Royal or serf, attendant or clergy, should show and be well versed in the display of useful intellect, the flow of wisdom.  6  It is the accepted duty of the church to continue to educate those who desire to be made aware, awakened and enlightened, but also in furthering that education to empower and enable those within the community who desire to elevate their respective relationships, and give weight to their desire.  7  In the past none have filled this void and in so doing, or in doing so without support, guidance, or mentorship those who chose to walk this path found they often stumbled and fell, for in following the errant guidance of another; another who is unable to correct their previous mistakes, those same mistakes are recreated time and again; compounding failure into chaos.  8  In this manner, rather that enabling the correction , the misdirection becomes further entrenched in the patterns and cultures of all members of the church, and becomes an issue of disagreement and contention with which all must contend.

  9  Wisdom dictates that where such discrepancies in direction or thought are found, the wisest and most thoughtful philosophers and Counselors will convene and sit in session until such time as a solution agreeable to Royals, serfs, and the church is found.  10  Until such time as such discrepancies are widely recognized and called to the attention of the church it is the duty of all serfs, and all Royals to seek; not only to live by the church direction, but to share it with others of like mind who may also have need of such assistance, for a pillar alone is naught but four pillars becomes instead the base of a home.

  11  The wisdom of kaphka seeks to aid those who would seek the direction and guidance of another whose wisdom outweighs their own, whether Royal or serf, adherent or clergy, for all have cause to seek greater heights, and be empowered to enable their own futures with wisdom, grace, ability, and tenacity.

  12  All members of the church will at some time be given cause to wonder at the intellect and bearing of another, whether within the membership, or without, and all those who are truly intelligent shall have cause to pause before speaking upon the situation.  13  Many have been the times when what appears to be the errand of a fool have proven to have the outcome of a sage, given the appropriate circumstances and assistance.  14  Many times have the best laid plans and greatest efforts of a sage been laid to waste by the inappropriate direction or advise of a fool.  15  Discovering the truth of the wisdom laid out in request of acceptance is as simplistic as following the logical series of events, behaviors, responses and thus outcomes.  16  Seldom does the outcome of the fool surprise the fool  17  It is for this reason, that the following advice and guidance is provided to you.  18  Quiet the internal dialogue and debate, that you need not judge, pigeonhole, elevate, or debase.  19  Allow the mind and heart freedom to come forward to the edges of perception, allowing clarity of vision, focus and enabling the soul to fully experience the moment.  20  Clear your heart and mind that truths such as these find you with ease, and you respond to such understandings with grace and dignity.  21  For true foolishness knows no bounds of position, nor genderalization, but is specific to ego.


 22  Foolish is the serf who lies, for in so doing they encourage the Royal to cease believing the claims of loyalty and service.

23  Foolish is the serf who manipulates, for in so doing they manipulate the Royal into ceasing all contact in an effort to gain control.

24  Foolish is the serf who fails to follow through, for is do doing they breed an environment of distrust and false hope and encourage the Royal to reflect such illusions back to them.

25  Foolish is the serf who capitulates despite all signs and indications pointing to a failed future, for in so doing they create not only their own future failure, but that of the Royal as well.  26  To take on that which one knows is doomed is a severe transgression and indiscretion on the pat of the serf; a transgression and indiscretion, which should never be forgotten or overlooked, for this is the greatest lie of all.

27  Foolish is the serf who seeks to guide a Royal, for in leading, they themselves have become the Royal they seek to serve and they who are perceived as Royal, is in deed the serf.  28  Better that the serf await instruction and take initiative in the ways and manners best suited to the Royal Who they would to serve.

29  Foolish is the serf who calls attention to themselves in a negative or unbecoming light for to do so is to raise the ire of the Royal and the attention of the church in a disciplinary and undesired manner.

30  Foolish is the serf who is condescending and cutting, for to do so is to cause little desire of others to communicate.

31  Foolish is the serf who fails to communicate, for in so doing they cause the Royal to believe there is no communication required, or desired, and such slaves fall by the wayside. 

32  Foolish is the Royal who takes advantage of a serf, for to do so is to cause future distrust.
3  Foolish is the Royal who misrepresent Themselves for in so doing they cause the delicate illusion which is image to come into question.

34  Foolish is the Royal who creates winless situations for Their serfs, for in so doing an environment of complacency is birthed, as without competition there can be no setting and attaining of standards.

35  Foolish is the Royal who lays claim to a serf without training or cause, for to do so is to create an uncertain future.

36  Foolish is the Royal who tolerates the indiscretions of a serf, for to do so is to accept the lesser worth of a serf who may have great value given the correct guidance and stimulation.

37  Foolish is the Royal who relies upon a serf for Their happiness, for being dependent on anything outside oneself for happiness leads to suffering,
38  Foolish is the Royal who shares and shows no emotion in the presence of the serf, for to be so unyielding causes the serf to carry the impression that You care naught for the serf, the quality of the work, or the effort, time and care displayed.  39  To set upon this path is to set upon the path of certain demise for both parties, as the lack of passion  will surely strangle the softest murmurs of the gentlest hearts.

 40 Foolish is the Royal who heeds not the advice and wisdom of Another, for to be so unthinking is to leave the path of destruction open without thought, or action of defense.  41  To set upon this path is to welcome a foul wind, to beckon ill fortune, to create nothing of nothing, and in the end to have this returned to You.



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