Book of Conviction: Book 1; Book of kaphka
Book of kaphka - Book 1 Chapter 28
A book of D/s support and wisdom




 Speaks of; Servitude


 1   Yea; For verily I say unto thee; go into the earth and seek ye out all good souls.  For all good souls found upon this Earth hath been given life to serve a higher purpose, and a greater goal.

  2   In finding the strength of thy will; within the act of following this will, and following this calling to thus serve; so shall the enslaved soul find the freedom of spiritual purpose recognized. 3 Thus shall the serf be empowered and brought into full consciousness, awakened and empowered by Greater Spirit. 4 Thus too shall Greater Spirit arise and be reborn from the ashes of unrequited love.

 5 A soul failing to be awakened, fully conscious; empowered by the guidance of another can not serve willingly, nor well, nor with purpose. 6 Never can a soul who lays blind, nor he who sleeps with a heavy heart which lays still and cold; be responsive. 7 A wise Royal knoweth such truths and needs not be reminded of the time at which to offer a collar, a binding, the security of future.


8  For wisely it is said that release of concern, that freedom realized is attained when one needs only please and appease but one Master.

9 Yea for verily the release of emotion, even the very freedom of concern released shall only be attained by those amongst you who hath found the soul to whom they hath been bound; by those amongst you who accepts such a calling with an open heart and a willing soul. 10 Well it is known that the release of ego and the security of acceptance might attained most easily when one finds the comfort granted by the greater example of another.  Strive to be such an example.

11  The collars, the shackles, the locks, shall be held as no more than symbology manifest; never shall these things be more than this.  Never shall a Master be forgetful in this stance, for to do so is certain demise.

12  A worthy and true slave shall always be able to remove thy collar, to choose freedom, to serve and to be of service, of such as held as thine own free will.


13  No lock is so powerful as to hold a slaves freedom; For the Royal of the serf must retain what the lock can not.  The Royal shall be known, and accepting the responsibilities of holding and caring for the mind, the soul, and the heart of all those whom they would enslave or lay claim to.

14  No binds shall restrict the spiritual growth of a serf; for a true Master shall be seen and known to encourage and develop the spirit and souls of those in Thy care.

15  No blinders shall be placed upon the eyes of a serf; For a Royal of worth would desire Thyr servant to serve willingly, with clarity and vision.

16 Never shall a gag be placed into the mouth of a slave in an effort to stop the truth from being spoken; For a Royal in order to Master the slave must know the truth, the reality, the desire.


 17 A serf shall serve: Empowered to serve; of thine own free will.
 18 A serf shall serve: Aware, awakened, empowered, and proudly; or such is not service, but rather an insult brought upon the household of the Royal keeping such a serf.

 19 A serf shall serve: While being enabled to be of purposeful service; as purpose calls.

 20 A serf in service shall be encouraged to develop progress and grow, in all ways and always.

 21 A serf shall serve and be slave entirely; or the soul is not slave, and the bond will not hold.


 23 A Royal in Care shall be seen to guide, nurture, and care for each of Thine serfs equally well, and with equally generous compassion. 
24 A Royal in Care acknowledges that to fail a serf is to fail Thyself; Permitting Thy serf to fall from the path of Thy guidance is to allow Thine Own disgrace.

 25 A Royal seeking to empower, awaken and enable a serf shall be able to display the ability to progress at a pace complimentary to the serf.  Wisdom reminds while cautioning; remain but one pace ahead of the serf; for Spirit knows the best guide is a close one; feels that the tightest hold is one of promise, and sees the brightest promise through Thy integrity.

 26 A Royal in Care shall be known and acknowledged.  No Royal shall seek or desire to remain without acknowledgement of peer, without council, nor found without mentorship.

 27 A Royal in Care will always act with wisdom, dignity, and self respect; to do otherwise is not only unwise, undignified, and disrespectful, but is sure to invoke the ire of Thy peers.


 28  The joy of slavery, the release found in a collar, the strength shown in capitulation, the tenacity of determination to succeed, shall each be found markedly individual to each serf, to each circumstance, to each

 29 Carry each of these burdens carefully friends, for the balance of "FUTURE" rests upon the shoulders of the decisions, and actions made today."



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