Book of Conviction: Book 1; Book of kaphka
Book of kaphka - Book 1 Chapter 3
A book of D/s support and wisdom




Speaks of; Terminology


  1 And so I put the question to you 2 Wherein does this great difference lie, if not in perspective and opinion?  3 For whether a serf would capitulate to a Royal, or another to their Superior, or others be caused to unwillingly capitulate to the governments who rule man - 4 Such is the same power exchange which enters into the lives and homes across the world. 

5  It is My desire and hope therefore to access and acquire the level of respect and mutual cohesion which drives any nation, society, or group.
  6  Such is the goal.  The method of achieving that goal however, is as "alternative" as the desires which are behind them.
7  The first part of this alteration is a change in terminology which would encompass all differences of Domination and submission.  8 It is for this reason which We chose to refer to all dominants as Royals and all submissives in all contexts as serfs.  
9   The second part would involve a change of acceptances within the scene.  10  For instance, why is it "accepted standard" that a slave fails time and again, and yet the Royals are not permitted to skip a beat, to falter, to misspeak or misstep?  11 What bit of stupidity is it that serfs believe they can fail time and again to complete requests, tasks, or objectives and yet if their Royal fails even once such disgust and judgments befall them that surely the sky will fall?  12  What sense can be made of a group which demands one side be without fault, and yet the other carry nothing but fault?

13  From where does this sense of absolute perfection reflect back such absolute chaos?  14  For surely a Royal deserves far better than idle and passing claims of Service, surely the commitment of a serf is not so tentative that at first request such failures and deviations should be accepted as standard, and yet ... it is.
15  How is it that We can expect the world to take this seriously when those involved in it treat it as a joke?  16  How is it that We can expect the world to take this seriously when One Royal can not accept the ideals, methods or goals of the next.  17  How is it that We can expect the world to take this seriously when those that are known as serfs never cease to make demands and requests of the Royals, and yet call themselves serf.  18  There remain as yet far too many problematic contradictions within Our own reality.  19  If those errors are to be corrected, then all of U/us will need to work together to alleviate them.  20 No side alone can correct the dilemma; all must work together in order for success to be achieved.



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