Book of Conviction: Book 1; Book of kaphka
Book of kaphka - Book 1 Chapter 4
A book of D/s support and wisdom




Speaks of; Mental Bondage


  1 The sun sets on another of mans days, mans lives, menís lies.   2 The world quiets and shivers in the silence, which exposes the abuses of power, now filling a deadened street. 3  In their homes people cry, cower, tremble, dream and bathe in fear, in pain, in the disgust which this world human iniquity has bred, and whose beauty the many lusts and greedís of men have devoured. 4 Babes try to hide in the once full breasts of the Earth Mother, only to return to a now mastectomied landscape.  5  Their homes, their memories, their treasures laid to waste, no different than men who lay to waste the homes, memories and treasures of other men, nor women of other women.
6  The dream of a Royal is so much more than dominance, or domineering. 7   The goal to attain is the state of peace, of fluidity and grace which is enabled when one knows Their own strength, their own limit of ability, and has found Their haven of solitude.  8   Too easy is it to fall or stray from such a path, too many are the perils which fall upon such travelers, and yet too great is the reward, to enable full defeat. 9   Too many have fallen before You, let not Their efforts be forgotten, nor lost, honour the path You walk.
10  The superiority of women as it is believed, is a mere biological "hitch,Ē surely if pressed, and given time science will find a solution to this "problem."  11  As far as the mentalities of the past hundred years have claimed; women are superior because We are the Ones to give birth.  12  This statement in and of itself is only part of the truth, part of the story, and part of the reality.
13   It can be conceded that some females do willingly give up their control to males.  14  It can be conceded that it thus becomes the duty and obligation of the male in question to then either choose to inseminate, or find another who would do so, or to refrain from so doing, and that yes, in this manner a male, over certain females of our species may indeed be seen as dominant.  15  However the reality still remains that the option of life is decided by the female, the replication of cells, the leeching of minerals and vitamins from tissues, bones, teeth, and the rest of Our bodies.  16  These are the things which are given of Ourselves so willingly, which males would not. 17   It is the duty and obligation of the Female of our species, the honour and privilege to not bare life, but to create it, cell by cell and to give of Herself so willingly - Knowing it may cause Her any number of misfortunes at any point in the future.  18  Give birth Ö Give life Ö Give a future Ö These are the tasks set before Women.
19  The males of our species believe themselves to be gamblers.  20  They know nothing of chance, they understand little of risk, they can feel but twinges of the fear a Woman must face in such a matter. 21  For a full genetic male could never comprehend such matters and issues as the creating of a life, allowing it to suck you dry and alter your complete being, nor the quandary of perfection.  22  It is through his creative manipulation of a minute amount of fact, that the males of our species even perceive of themselves as anything more than a mere puppet.

23  So many take offence at the word WOman, and this too I fail to understand for WO comes before man, WE are placed in all words before men. 24  What remains is for Us to earn the respect to be placed in all realities before men too, not just in words.  25 In order for this to achieved WOmen must learn to believe and have faith in the strength which men cause Us to attain, while at the same time those same male sit decrying such strength, and holding to a stance of Females as the weaker sex.

  26 We are more empathic, telepathic, and sympathetic. 27 We are more attentive, caring, attuned and focused. 28  We learn faster and retain more knowledge, 29  Women have better people skills, and manners Ė For while boys are raised to be boors, the girls must be Lady like.

 30 We are superior because while a WOman is sick, She still tends and cares for Her family, still continues to get on with Her day.  31 We are superior because We are more analytical and spatially inclined.  32 We are superior because Women know that nothing constructive has ever come of any effort or work by a committee.  33 Once our decision is made we have learned those around Us well enough to understand how to go about gaining their assistance, acceptance, approval or removal regarding the situation, as would be required. 34  The males perceive this as manipulation when a Woman does it, however when they attempt such endeavors it is referred to as massaging and soothing the situation.

  35   Yet I put to you is it not the males who need to be enticed into work daily with the promise of higher wages?  Is it not the males whose genetic material is so easily stockpiled into tomorrow?  Is it not males who either by act or coercion entice both males and lesser females to accept their current miseries and encourage a negative outlook while they destroy our very lives?  36   Destructivism isnít Superior; indeed it is inferior to the creation, and maintenance of all life.


37 Tomorrows skies may be bright and glorious, but the dawn of next week looks so rosy itís bleeding, and the blood to be spilled will not be caused by the voices of WOmen. Not this time.  38 This time the Women sit quietly, or struggle bravely alongside a weary soldier.  She is a war-res, called to fight a battle which is not Her own.  39 And yet rise up She does, to fight alongside Her brethren. 40  Her feet planted firmly in the sands of another time, another reality, Her sweat falls upon the Earth in this land of barren remembrance, of stark beauty, of pale comparison to a home yearned for, and missed.

 41   She answers all the calls of duty, Her heart and spirit strengthened, never faltering, never uncertain of Her Own abilities, never wavering from the task at hand.

  42  Such is the ability of all humans on the earth, to learn to hold a gentle control, to remove the barriers which prevent cohesive union of humanity as a group, to drop the barricades which inhibit the positive and far reaching growth of a society built upon the truth of greater knowledge. 43   Such is the world proposed, envisioned and to be attained.  Such is the goal. 

  44  For I come seeking lost young, lost prey, worshippers and swords.  45  I walk here among you, un noticed, un heeded, and unheard.  46  Silence fills the deadened night street which the abuses of powers have left exposed, and shivering. 47  The call to join rises from the still air, and falls upon ears deafened with placidity.



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