Book of Conviction: Book 1; Book of kaphka
Book of kaphka - Book 1 Chapter 5
A book of D/s support and wisdom




Speaks of; The Ideals of The Church


  1   I see so many idle hands, so many wasted hours, so many collars without chains, so many untested bounds, so many tears falling from eyes wishing blindness, so much unrequited passion and such depth of desire from so many longing serfs. 2   Surely there must be a way, a place, a method for so much purpose, such drive, such ambition and need to be harnessed and channeled into a far more productive state of being.  3  Surely there must be a rock able to hold so many chains, a sanctuary for so many without homes, without a place of comforting expansion and stated bounds.  4  Too many hearts seek eternally for that which they never find, for that which is un-named and as of yet, still greatly misunderstood. 5  To set off in search of the unknown, the unthinkable, and that which is only a dream; within the realm of the as of yet unexpressed, would seem to be a path fraught with peril and pitfall, and in the end certain demise.  5  Yet so great is the need, so damning  is the desire that those who seek to fill its bounds think not of  the perils in which they place their very lives.  6   So powerful is the desire to Serve, to be fulfilled, to achieve that glowing glance of acceptance, the approving nod of a task well done in the eyes of another, that serfs willingly encircle their throats with such collars as are dog tags, diamonds, higher unattainable duty, or other delightfully deadly diversions.  7  Other serfs chose to live a life filled with sensation and motivation of a more base nature, and yet still manage to live in keeping with the band of their self chosen invisible collar.  8  This is the more subtle form of whoring which we all as humans engage in habitually, and which in the end costs far too much to be perceived as full self serving.  Humans are a sensation and service driven species, it is in our nature, our physiology, our genetic coding.  10  For some a simple kiss, a warm hug might be enough to provide the impetus to make it through another day, if instead only a smile and a thanks for help proffered is all they are permitted, and their sole motivational focus they will still continue on.  11  Others look for a more forceful contact, seek out and require a hand which reaches down and takes a firm hold of every part of their day. 12   Others still would be left to their devices until the tortures of life became too much for a Royal to bear, and it is at these times that the serf desires to sought out to bear the brunt of such burdens.  13  Others would be gently guided, and softly coerced while still others fear their desires and believe they will fall prey to their own forceful passions.

  14  Hear then this call to arms, this cry from the mountain to unite and work alongside a brother.  15  Here then will the pinnacle be erected upon which those unfettered chains may be bound, here will the beacon be set and lit, here will heart and minds be lifted,  and the will of so many be strengthened.  16  Here will the lantern of direction, guidance, safety, and protection rest.  17  Hearken to the voices of those aching to be lost in that perfect submission.  18  Here is where those who are unguided may make that journey safely, here is our home. 


19  How is it so many Royals make claim to being Superior, and yet none would create this pillar, none could envision this monument to O/ourselves?  20  For in so failing haven’t they failed ultimately to serve themselves to the full buffet of life’s possibility?  21  How is it that even those choice few professing to such higher standards and ideals while at the same time conceding the same defeats, you have not called to task for such startling similarities?  22    Defeat today, yet stands firm, and as of today no attempts made to circle it have been achieved.  23  As of yet no attempts on the part of any Royal of any gender have succeeded in achieving anything other than ridicule and further persecution. No attempts on the part of any serf have been made to either assist or glorify any such ideal, no serf stands out from the masses as the serf to have enabled their Royal to have achieved such status or stature.  24  Never have we been enabled with such empowerment as we gain here today.  25  I am no different than these others.  I have had no serfs of wonder to lean upon or to empower and uplift My soul.  I merely have a different vision of sight, method of achievement, drive of cause and motivation of heart than those who have come before Me. 26   Where others saw only barriers I see an illusion of impossibility, the proverbial “thou shall not.”  27 Look not into the eyes of the sun, but take your direction from the stars I say, for the depths of that silent darkness when all things are stilled and calm such peace and directions come simply.  28  If they would keep you in darkness, befriend it and fear not the vision that is gained in losing sight.  29  Hold tight to your fears and befriend, know them and know yourself, know that which you fear most in others, and know why.  30  Know well, that  this is the very knowledge which is the inner strength the world of men desires you refrain from understanding.  31  For in understanding this you understand them and their words or actions, and thus you understand how to best them at their own game of illusionary hope and false tomorrows.



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