Book of Conviction: Book 1; Book of kaphka
Book of kaphka - Book 1 Chapter 6
A book of D/s support and wisdom




Speaks of; Children


  1  As the hierarchy of our beliefs follow that the female of the human species being the superior of the species intellectually, physically, emotionally, and mentally, so too will our lineage and documents follow female lineage.  2  For although it may be the decision of a male to impregnate, and when, it remains the responsibility of the female to lay claim to Her child.

  3  R.A.I.N.B.O.W.S. would also like to put forth and point put that although males are currently seen as carriers of lineage the females carry the child and there is no doubt as to the parental lineage on the matriarchal side of such an issue as this.  4  Never is there any doubt as to whom the mother of an infant is, even in the case of issues of patriarchal doubt.

  5  The church holds that patriarchal claim may be made if such a claim is substantiated and validated and held as genetically proven with the appropriate and required documentation, for well it is known the control men seek to gain over a Woman through the use of Her children.  6  Never shall a child know the weight of such burdens, never shall a child be asked to be anything more than a child for demanding otherwise, or to do otherwise, such acts bring disgrace to their household and ultimately draws the ire of the Church.

  7  All Mothers have such right as is their duty to  have privacy and the right to raise their children without fear of repercussion, it is for this reason that all Mothers shall be provided the option of alternate accommodation by their Royal.  8  If a Royal does not offer such options, or the serf feels unable to protect the legitimacy of their motherhood the Royal must make all conceivable efforts to alleviate such concerns.  9  The Church holds firmly to the stance that children are to be protected from the harshness of adulthood, cherished, honoured, and respected by all members of our membership.  10  Never shall any member become physical, verbal, or otherwise forceful with anyone not wearing a collar denoting that the Royal so doing is in direct Ownership or control of it.  11  As children can not be owned under any of the beliefs and tenants to which our concepts hold, such acts will be held as an abuse of power, and will be responded to accordingly.  12  The first responsibility of the Mother is always with Her child, no matter the outlaying situations or protocols.  13  If at anytime She is not being allowed to fulfill this responsibility, or such right is being withheld from Her, the Church will demand notification from any of the parties privy to such circumstances, and will intervene swiftly and as severely as is deemed appropriate in each individual case.

  14  Unless the Church decides or decrees otherwise, as may be done in the extremely rare and unusual cases, the Mother of the child will be seen and held responsible as the Royal to each of Her children.  15  She will be responsible for their care, and any decision required regarding their upbringing.

  16  No Royal or serf shall ever interfere in the matters of Mother and child.  17  If there is concern or issue the clergy remains available for discussion and able to assist and intervene as may be requested by any adult parties so involved as to be privy to the situation.  18  A serf who is kept in a household where there are children being raised is also responsible to keep an eye on such issues as child safety, comfort and growth.

  19  Any household where there are children being raised in the home willingly agrees to use the Church facilities as worship and sacrifice space, and agrees to never build such space as is termed “dungeon” in their homes.  20  For no child shall ever be caused to be fully surrounded or ensconced in such a harsh adult reality.  21  The innocence and wisdom of each child must be honoured, valued, cherished, protected, and appreciated, for these small humans are the building blocks of our future, thus to create an environment conducive to the stability, growth, esteem and respect of humanity is the goal of our ideal.  22  Such goals of environment are also conducive to creating the environment so vital to the development of healthy and protective Royals and serfs of the future.

  23  Treasure the beauty and innocence of youth – Know that a child can teach all of us much more than most adults would ever begin to fathom.  24  Remember too that the lessons which a child would share are always honest, heart rendingly honest 25  Any abuse which results in the deviation from such goals and ideals as have been laid out by the Church, regarding such issues need be reported to clergy immediately, no matter how foolish the soul giving such report may feel in doing so.  26  For it is without the action of our members that there will also be no support, no assistance, for inaction upon self creates a loss of the self.  27  For it is with the sense of support, assistance, and a strong sense of self which the best of communities are built, it is R.A.I.N.B.O.W.S.’ intent and desire to represent the pinnacle of human potential.


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