Book of Conviction: Book 1; Book of kaphka
Book of kaphka - Book 1 Chapter 8
A book of D/s support and wisdom




Speaks of; serfs and a Royal; choice


1  It must be remembered that the trust of a Royal will only be fully given once.  2  It can be lost, stolen, broken, or taken away in an instant.  3  Guard that trust wisely, and be sure to give your Royal behaviour that reinforces that trust for once it is lost surely the loss of position will follow.  4  It is also to be remembered that trust is something a serf must carry within before it can ever be given without.  5  For if a serf does not trust their own path they surely will never trust the path which a Royal would set their life upon.  6  Serve with trust and happiness in a heart which is bound.

 7   Carry a smile in a heart which is Serving, and surely the face will be uplifted in that Service as well.  8  Worship not the flooring, for a serf who can not look their Royal in the eye is not to be trusted.  9  If a serf can not be trusted, they can not be left unattended and are considered a liability to all they come into contact with. 10   Owners of such serfs will be called to task for such misbehaviours as reflect inadequate training.  11  If intervention is required or suggested all parties involved will honour the decision of Clergy.  12  If such an order is not acknowledged, Higher Officials may be called in to rectify the situation and enforcement will result.

  13  Yet one Royal shall never look to the serf of another Royal with envy, or lust, or hope, or desire, or ill intent.  14  A Royal shall never give a serf an ultimatum when it comes to a choice of a transition to another Royal.  15  Indeed the Royal who is parting with the serf, no matter the reasons given or expressed, shall make all efforts to have the serf fully responsible for their own choices and decisions, or simply make the choice and decision for them.  16  Those who have trained the serf to simply follow orders, to refrain from thought, choices, and taking initiative shall not ever ask the serf to make such a life changing or altering decision such as choosing their own Royal.  17  For if the serf is not permitted such luxury as are everyday choices how can it be expected of such a serf to make a choice of such great magnitude and repercussion?  18  Any Royal who is found to be participating in such self contradictory behaviour will be immediately and harshly disciplined by the Church.  19  Never will the Church support behaviour which is not fully in keeping with the doctrines and polices as are prescribed and laid out within these texts.

  20  It is to be remembered that as a serf serves one Royal the next Royal will be as different as that which they will demand of the serf.  21  The serf shall have cause to bear in mind that each Royal is a separate and individual identity and no two are alike.  22  As two tears which spring from separate eyes, on the same face are the Royals to be seen.  23  All those two tears have in common is the eyes which they fell from and the fact they run across cheeks divided by the same nose, held by the same furrowed brow.

  24  As different and separate as are the Royals so too are the serfs.  25  It is to be remembered and held to that each is an individual creature.  26  What one may be able to withstand might cause another more tender example to break.  27  Never shall any Royal undertake to shatter the body, will, or mind of a serf, for to do so is to bring insult to bear upon their position, and result in immediate and harsh action on the part of the Church  28  Always keep the relationship Holy, and such rewards will befall both sides as only heaven can bequeath.


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