Book of Conviction: Book 1; Book of kaphka
Book of kaphka - Book 1 Chapter 9
A book of D/s support and wisdom




 Speaks of; Image Perception


At once eyes are opened, a heart begins to beat, and songs never imagined take flight within a heart at once restrained and set free.  At once there comes hope to a landscape bereft of life, belief comes to a soul lost in the wounds that time can never heal, desire finds its way within the crevices untouched by the ravages of the winds, winds which have not been kind.  At once there comes a quiet stirring and awakening of the spirit which had ceased to believe in itself, a peaceful bliss fill a mind once troubled and chaotic, while from within the illusion reality aches to be permitted release from the bounds of imaginations wedged in archaic consciousness.

  5  There is nothing on which to base current realities, no basis for any standard of “norm,” the world in which we live is merely a presented image.  6  There is nothing but the reality of your based perceptions.  In today’s societal constructs image is everything, it's all an illusion.  7  Nothing exists within the context or reality in which it is presented.  Insomuch as you see what it is that the world of man wants you to see it would be reminded that they too only see what you want them to see, what you allow them to see. 8   Fantasy or illusion, fact or fiction the choice rests with you.  9  It would also be reminded, and held as a vehement caution to both Royals and serfs alike that when one presents truth it becomes fiction, however should one endeavour to procure a tale of fiction, such tales invariably become reality.  10  Within the bounds of our allowable perceptions we must create an image holding to such knowledge which while permitting allowance for our reality and belief structure continues to work within, and compliment the society of today. 

  11  It is for this reason that Royals who keep serfs and refer to them as pets should love such animals only in such manner as people would, not as another animal would.  12  It is these acts of self-defeating insanity which serve the world of men and permit them to paint Our reality with a brush pulled from the garbage, and coated in misunderstanding.  13  Such misunderstandings are of our own doing.  Never has the world of men understood such foreign concepts as would be introduced and shared in the yesterdays of Our past.  14  These discrepancies and indiscretions should have been welcomed by a world filled with its own misogyny, and the touting of patriarchal power.

  15  For if ever the repressed were caused to be blinded to the apathy of their situation surely that time is now.  16  For if ever the oppressed were ever caused to be silenced and castrated in this perceived loss of power, surely that time is now.  17  If ever the suppressed were caused to be deafened by the pleas for action, surely that time is now.  18  If ever the exploited were caused to be bound by their own fears, surely that time is now.  19  If ever there was a time when man drowned in his own self-inflicted depression surely now is that time.  20  For the world fraught with today’s problems will surely remain the same world with magnified problems in the future of our history.

 21   Record the positive and hold tight to the progressive actions of the members, never lose sight of the goal for a single grain of sand in the hour glass.  22  Allow it to pass without distinction and it shall be covered in time, and vanish.  23  It’s all about  image, they see and perceive what you allow them to see, they understand nothing more or less than you present, thus understanding as you allow them to understand.  Never forget this, it will serve you well.


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