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I wanted to take a moment to explain to you some of the simple things we miss or overlook, in a way most people would be able to understand, and endure.

Too many times we know things aren't as we perceive, or see them to be. Yet we are willing to accept that perception until someone presents to us another more reasonable one. We don't want to have to think it all through for ourselves, or spend the effort to untangle all of the parts and pieces.

But then here I am ... And there you are, and I've given the subject a considerable amount of thought ... So maybe if we're lucky I can help you in your search for personal clarity and understanding.

Wanna explore?
blndfold.jpg (4462 bytes)
Take it off, and come on a journey with me.

I have chosen to use some graphics here that might offend some people ... I chose to use these items as symbols, so that you could easier understand what I explain ... That you can see with greater ease some of the misunderstandings we carry. I hope you will stay long enough to see some of these truths.

This is a photo representative of your sexuality and it's current state of chaos. In it there are many things you can not see, partially obscured items, and things you may not even understand or know about.  If we were to disentangle this mass, to look at each item individually, and with some degree of clarity ... If we were able to see all of it and place those societal standards upon them ...
What would they be?
What do these things become? ... What bounds and restrictions do we have placed upon us, that just like that picture ... We don't even see ... We don't understand, we're not sure we understand, or we ourselves misinterpret.

Will your new understanding make you more comfortable, or permit you freedom, and escape?
For until we know and understand that which holds us we have no hope of breaking free from it... Do we? We are prisoners to ourselves before anyone else, we will not permit even ourselves the freedom to explore and investigate that which may a cause conflict within our own system of beliefs.

Until we can open our minds to accept the truths of others (perhaps not as our own, but at least as their perspective).
Until thought becomes freed within ourselves ... Actions are held in tight restraints.
You are a human being who is has the ability to make as proper and mature of a decision as anyone else regardless of your age.  Maturity is primarily our ability for, and desire to be true to ourselves.  As well as held liable or being responsible for the actions and reactions left in our wake.  Maturity resides in our responsibility and objectivity.  It is found in the people who think of others and all of the possible reactions this action might cause, good and bad.

Many times it is also involves a willingness to try to break free of what others desire, or expect of us, and following our hearts ... Doing as we feel we are meant or guided to do ... Good and seemingly bad.

If this is the measuring stick we are to use as responsible adults then all I ask is that you look upon these pages with an open mind and a new view of yourself, your life and your sexuality.
Find a new form of responsibility for everything you do, all the connections you make with people, and hold yourself to that truth.

This is a collar, in the world of bondage and domination it is used to represent ownership, obedience, and loyalty. It might be plain or ornate, but it is still a collar.
You wear a collar.
You may wear it knowingly, you may not. ... But it is your collar.
It is something you can not live without, something that drives you, without that person or something you feel lost ... Insignificant.  Maybe it is money, or a spouse.   It might be an oversized sex drive, your car, or perhaps a hobby or even the raising of a child.  Your collar can answer to many names and carry many faces or forms, but it is still yours, and you still wear it.

Society deems we all wear our collars of conformity ... So which ones do you have on needlessly, that you could take off?  Which ones are masks for other needs, or desires?
Which ones do you wear for yourself?  Which ones are worn for the benefit of others?   Which ones do you know?  Which ones are unknown?
Which ones do you wear with pride ... And which ones do you hide either behind ... Or from?


I chose this item initially for solely the chains, later I came to feel a deeper connection to the relevance of it regarding this ...
The chains are the threads that make the cocoon that contains us in a falsified version of normality. They are formed a link at a time by another who we allow to hold us constrained and voiceless.  We ourselves may make the chains heavier, longer or shorter.  We can loose some chains and create others. ... But we will never shed all of them completely.
The ends of our chains are attached to the people we care about most, those who anchor us. They may be good, they may be bad, usually they are tempered with both.  The trick becomes losing the bad links in the chain: Not the socially bad ones ... THE BAD PERSONAL TRUTHS ... Links that take you on a weak path, and lead you astray ... 
The other thing I was reminded of was that after a good beating, many have requested a light one with this flogger ... The cool metal is appealing to the flesh.  Like many things in life it looks scarier than it really is ... Kinda like when I lay upon the bed of nails when I was a young teen. Everyone told me not to do it, everyone else feared it.  I trusted in myself, and that I wouldn't be put in a position of harm.  I trusted my judgment, above that of others, and I wasn't hurt ... I learned to believe in me.


This is a blindfold, in the BDSM world it is used to heighten other senses, to create a sense of drama, and encourage trust.
In the socially acceptable world it would still encourage blind trust and faith.  In "their" mentalities blndfold.jpg (4462 bytes) and views.  In all the ways it suits "them."  It would permit them to lead you, to guide you without seeing, to where they want you to be ... Without the advantage of the journey.   It causes you to be blind to your own strengths, your creativity's and differences.   It could make you blind to these things not only within yourself, but also to how their realities affect yours.  It is a blindness that causes you to deny the validity of another's desires.
Your blindness began the first time you were told an act or thought was dirty, bad, or otherwise naughty.
When you were told to put it away, to hide it from view ... Your blindness was acceptance and wanting to please, that was how it started, and is why it continues.


This is a paddle, or strap.   In the world of BDSM it is a tool of discipline.
Here it represents the prosecutions both real and imagined we would face, should we endeavor to explore ourselves. These same prosecutions which we inflict upon others with whom our opinions or personal truths don't match.  These are painful beliefs for us, ones that were not (usually) originally our own.  Beliefs and values that now forced upon us, we like to instill upon others, the same way they were originally forced upon us.   You see, you weren't accepted for, or you wouldn't be accepted if people knew about (a behaviour or thought) ... And so out of jealousy, or rage, or fear ... Be that by word or deed, we demand others fall into line with our standards of acceptable.
It is representative of the walls we build to hide behind, so that those blows, those emotions or actions won't hit us ... But still low enough to reach out to others with those same blows.  (It might also be said to be representative of the cosmic spanking we're all setting up to be getting for missing the point of live and learn ...)

This is a gag for the purpose of Bondage and Domination used to stifle or silence. You wouldn't be silenced and stifled now would you?
Didn't think so. Oh no! Not you!
Ok, so what aren't we talking about?
... Ourselves and our truths.  We are denying ourselves from being who and what we truly are.  We are raising our children to deny themselves their truths, telling them that sexually exploring is a bad thing.  We encourage each other to explore many other paths of self expression and therefore self truth, yet we don't encourage sexual exploration.  We don't want to hear about the positives in someone's sex lives yet we melodramatize the negatives and insist upon focusing on them.
Give yourself the strength to be open with your needs, to look for them, to seek them. Praise the fulfillment the pursuit and it's ends give you ... Let that self truth come to you, and then fill you with self acceptance and
love.  You are worthy of acceptance and love for all that you are, just as much as anyone else ... The gag is the repression you place upon yourself from expressing your desires and needs, your personal and intimate knowledges.  You can let go and change it ... Believe!


Handcuffs ...
Ok smarty pants, name that tune ... I'm not going to explain what hand cuffs might be used for in bondage and domination, or in servant master type scene.  I would think most people would know that one.   For the purpose of this illustration however the cuffs are the binds and restraints placed upon us by society, and it's table of etiquette's and acceptable norms.  I don't mean politeness, I mean moral judgments and decisions placed onto us by the people around us. The forms and molds they desire us to fit into and the holds they will put on us to ensure that to some extent we do.
They are also representative of the cold hard reality we as a society have gotten ourselves into with these restraints, the contortion and strain it puts upon us to hold this pose for any length of time. Maybe family, or social group ... Perhaps church or school. But we're all bound.
We bind ourselves as well as others.  We inflict needless pain upon others, both mentally and physically.  We demand that people contort themselves into a lie, to fit into our preconceptions of acceptably normal.


I'm hoping if you've held out this long you can see some relevance and sense in these parallels. That you have found or see some alternate truths, and understand why you're feeling some of the things you are.   Where those feelings are coming from, and how they were created.
If you can do that ... you have this ...

key.jpg (4984 bytes)

This ... Would be the key to the whole mess.
Even I who put it in that picture can't see it, because it's hidden in behind the chains ...
But I, like you know it is there.
I feel it, and your need to find it.
I know why you seek it, even if you are unsure.

... You seek it because with your hands free you can lift the blindfold, loose the gag... remove the collar and stop feeling 'beaten.'   You can seek and speak of your needs, desires and the odd stray confusion.  You can get answers. 
But most importantly you can fully give yourself over to your Dominant, and feel that treasured freedom, and release.
You looked to others first, and now it is time to seek within yourself.  To place your confusion in your own hands, and trust in the ability to help yourself to see.
Together we can remove the societal restraints ... But we need to smash through the preconceptions and falsehoods held by those before us.  Those who did or didn't know better, but regardless propagated.

You may put forth to Me your opinion or your view, but you will not place upon Me your truth.
The footsteps made are My own - And made of My own choice - Even as the Lord proclaimed I should be able to do, with the gift he gave Me ... Use of My own free will.
It is a choice which will either make Me happy, or bring Me self discovery, but it - and the gifts brought to Me through it are Mine to share with the others around Me.