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Websites and slaves - Noted similarities ...

  Websites - Need constant maintenance, and updating.
  slaves - Need training reminders, and tests constantly.

  Websites - Drain all your time, and in the end no one notices what you've just spent 14 hours doing.
  slaves - Drain all your time, and in the end no one knows why you just spent the last 14 hours fighting nature.

  Websites - Invariably crash just when someone important or "helpful" is trying to browse it.
  slaves - Always seem to manage to screw up worst, when it matters most, they get just can't get it right.

  Websites - If you don't speak the required language forget trying to work on the pages, it won't happen.
  slaves - Hopefully you have an idea how their last dominant trained them, because otherwise you "don't know the lingo."

  Websites - Don't forget to hit save, or all the time, and work, will vanish with the next power surge.
  slaves - Hormonal surges equate to training amnesia, repeating tasks over and over and over, gives "cell memory"

  Websites - Always cost 3x more than originally quoted and predicted.
  slaves - I won't even say it ...

  Websites - Theoretically solve all your problems
  slaves - Theoretically ... yuh huh

  Websites - Seem to want and take, more and more, each time you work on them.
  slaves - If they don't pick it up the first time, you can bet it'll take a lot more work, each time you try - Until they do.

  Websites - Everyone walks through, book marks, and wanders out - No one stops to say anything.
  slaves - Wander aimlessly through our doors.  Pick up a few things, wander out.  They rarely stop to say anything

  Websites - You can correct the same page 4789207 times, and the error is still there, laughing at you but when it does "take correction" you won't know why
  slaves - You cry and scream to change the same repeating error but on the 1789107 attempt, for some reason You will never know - it suddenly sinks in.

A  personal file hosted on sinpages.com Please - Do not reprint, repost, or otherwise duplicate these files in full, or in part without express written authorization of the copyright holder, to do so is to risk criminal persecution and contempt of the community at large.  If you replicate without consent, the rest of your site is trash - Safe - Sane - Consensual - Fun - Between adults - keep it healthy

You Might be a Domme If ...

1) You might be a Domme if you'd never even contemplate doing your own toe nails!
     Score double if you have a "boy who deals with these things."
     Score triple if the slave adores these duties, and paints a perfect nail.

2) You might be a Domme if you regularly place an order for dinner in your own home.
    Score double if you are asked how it is and feel free to complain.
    Score triple if you "spank the waiter/ess" for forgetting the drink or eating implements.

3) You might be a Domme if screaming at someone to "turn on the damned lights" is easier than getting up and doing it yourself.
     Score double if you no longer need to scream, at dusk someone just walks around and does it.
     Score triple if your bottom went out of town but bought you a timer or clapper before going, to save problems on returning.

4) You might be a Domme if you're thinkin' subs are like a box of chocolates and you never know what yer gonna get.
    Score double if you've built your own "chocolate/subbie legend."
    Score triple if unlike the candy companies yours is right!

5) You might be a Domme if you own 400 clothes pegs, but have no clotheslines.
    Score double if you can think of more than 4 ways to remove those clothespegs.
    Score triple when you think of six or more different methods/sensations to remove them.

6) You might be a Domme if when you say "a quickie" you are referring to a canning.
     Score double if you can "stripe" evenly in 10 minutes or less.
     Score triple if the stripes remain for days.

7) You might be a Domme if someone tells you the paper you want is on the bottom of the pile and you flip them over (not the papers) and proclaim you can't find it.
    Score double if you feel like it.
    Score triple if you simply want to because you are a Domme.

8) You might be a Domme if I'm getting on your nerves about now.
    Score double if you are about to tell me as much.
    Score triple if you bite your tongue and don't let my annoyances control your reactions.

9) You might be a Domme if you pull up to the McDonalds window, they say can I take your order please and you request a foot massage.
    Score double if you complain to the manager.
    Score triple if you end up leaving with someone's phone number in the process.

10) You might be a Domme if you get on a bus, there are no seats and you begin to loudly protest, while hauling the nearest person onto their knees to get one.
     Score double if the person on their knees began to worship your feet.
     Score triple if at their stop the foot worshipper refunded your bus fare, and thanked you.

11) You might be a Domme if at the office they are taking lunch orders - You ask for a sub, but mean a bottom.
      Score double if upon getting the sub you proclaimed you meant a bottom.
      Score triple if the "delivery person" volunteered and went home with you.

12) You might be a Domme if a friend asks to take you to the horse races - You get there and are depressed/upset to see they are real horses.
      Score double if you offered to take your friend to a "real horse race" the next weekend.
      Score triple if they were as upset/depressed as you were, and you enjoyed their reaction.

13) You might be a Domme if you've never cleaned your own bathroom and have no idea where the toilet bowl cleaner is.
      Score double if you call your bottom to ask where it is and they volunteer to come and do it for you.
      Score triple if you turn them down and they feel guilty for not foreseeing your need, and come over to do it anyway.

14) You might be a Domme if a friend calls and asks if you'd like to eat out tonight and you are thoroughly offended/or greet them at the door, naked.
      Score double if their response was to follow through.
      Score triple if the "dining out" date became a weekly occurrence.

15) You might be a Domme if the only work of Shakespeare you are familiar with is; The Taming of the Shrew.
      Score double if you know it word for word.
      Score triple if you see Romeo and Juliet as a sadistic play.

16) You might be a Domme if you are more comfortable in PVC and stilettos than jeans and a t-shirt.
      Score double if you wear such an outfit camping.
      Score triple if you can actually sit by a bonfire and not have the outfit melt!

17) You might be a Domme if when accosted your first reaction is to slap the bastard, your second is to take them home and beat them, and your third is to strap on a dildo, and make em' scream ...
      Score double if you do all or any of the above in retort.
      Score triple if you smirk, refrain and walk away.

18) You might be a Domme if music to your ears is the keening wail of a thoroughly thrashed slave.
      Score double if you know how to get the tone and pitch from the slave which you desire.
      Score triple if you can have them sing "Taps" at will via thrashing.

19) You might be a Domme if you KNOW you could do better than Xavier Hollander.
      Score double if you've proven it.
      Score triple if you're thinking of writing your own damned book!

20) You might be a Domme if your parents coming to visit means packing up most of your home/apt in boxes and raiding your slaves place for "suitable" books and furniture to make it look more "lived in"
      Score double if the slave's place is no better than yours and it takes both of your houses to make one semi-innocuous one.
      Score triple if you decide it's time your parents face who you really are anyway.

21) You might be a Domme if you give up on raiding your slave's apartment and just suggest you trade apartments while your parents visit.
      Score double if you invite them to come visit your "friend" (slave) with you.
      Score triple if they show an interest in the lifestyle while there.

22) You might be a Domme if you get pulled over for speeding - The cop asks for your license and you get offended by being given orders and directions.
      Score double if in response you start giving them orders and directions.
      Score triple if you got no ticket, but did get handcuffs/Billy stick or other useful toys out of the deal.

23) You might be a Domme if when you pull up for gas you flash the attendant and see no problem with this as a) you are gay - b) he should learn control and you are helping him with that and c) he'll pay for the gas in thanks anyway.
      Score double if you have indeed actually done this and such was the case.
      Score triple if you know which attendants do and do not appreciate this.

24) You might be a Domme if you take an adult education course - The teacher warns you of a failing grade, and you leave a flogger/paddle/crop/cane on their desk in retort.
      Score double if it was returned to you with a phone number attached.
      Score triple if you played for your passing grade.

25) You might be a Domme if you are up before the sun and scold it for rising late
       Score double if you yell longer on cloudy days.
       Score triple if you opt for saying to hell with it and going back to bed.

26) You might be a Domme if you go canoeing and bring your own paddle ... You know what I mean.
      Score double if you are asked to do a demonstration.
      Score triple if you need not ask for volunteers as everyone jumps in and suggests, "You could show them on ME!"

27) You might be a Domme if people talk of no point in flogging a dead horse and you argue "practicing technique."
      Score double if your counterparts see your point.
      Score triple if you all now begin demonstrating technique to each other.

28) You might be a Domme if you move to the country and buy a "share cropping farm" and are upset to learn it means corn and wheat!
      Score double if you just never have to do anything around the farm, it all just seems to fall into place around you.
      Score triple if you've ever convinced a "city hick" that those huge white bales of hay are actually giant marshmallows, but Kellogg's shrinks them for the cereal.

29) You might be a Domme if you've taken an Adult Education class and were peeved to see they meant all adults in the class, not content of material.
      Score double if you proceeded to doodle little stick people engaged in various scenes all over your tests.
      Score triple if you progressed from the tests to notebooks and finally text books, but no one ever complained, they knew better.

30) You might be a Domme if you think sex Ed. should be re-named sexual biology.
      Score double if you suggested it to the principal.
      Score triple if you were then asked about bdsm, and explained.

31) You might be a Domme if you'll argue the difference between a "cat" and a "flogger" for hours - But bring up baking or trading recipes and you're outta here.
      Score double if you know a cat has braided tails and a flogger has straight falls.
      Score triple if you really honestly knew that - Cause hey you've researched these things!

32) You might be a Domme if your "key chain flogger" has actually seen use.
      Score double if you can make someone flinch with it.
      Score triple if you wore the flogger out.

33) You might be a Domme if upon seeing an unleaded gasoline sign your first thought is of the strap at home, without the metal bar between the layers of leather.
      Score double if your second thought is of the chain flogger.
      Score triple if you're now thinking it needs to be used.

34) You might be a Domme if packing a box for shipping requires half a roll of packing tape - Ah yes that sound ... The look of ANYTHING all wrapped up and confined ...
      Score double if you have the Industrial Packing tape "roller or gun thingy"
      Score triple if you have both!

35) You might be a Domme if you go to court to do a character reference for your friend and ask the penalty for perjury "just because your curious" and then mutter something about being able to do better yourself.
       Score double if you manage to waylay the case for a few days while filling everyone's heads with visions of sweaty bodies engrossed in BDSM scenes.
      Score triple if the Judge calls you into his Chambers and proceeds to beg to serve you.

36) You might be a Domme if in the court room you tell your friend their lawyer sucks, and you could do better at arguing and controlling the situation.
      Score double if you end up jumping up and saying "Sit down you stupid bitch" and take over the proceedings.
      Score triple if your friend is found not guilty immediately.

39) You might be a Domme if you receive a dozen roses and immediately notice the thorns are too small to be useful.
      Score double if you point this out to the delivery boy.
      Score triple if you call the florist and complain about it.

40) You might be a Domme if you sleep with a teddy bear - who wears shackles.
       Score double if teddy is chained to the bed.
       Score triple if you get angry the gag won't fit.

41) You might be a Domme if your version of "safe sex" is double checking restrain tension and tightness.
       Score double if you are always on the look out for cuffs which permit a slave's hands to be bound over their heads for extended periods without cutting off circulation.
        Score triple if you've located more than 3 styles of said restraints and ANY of them work for you!

42) You might be a Domme if in retort to, "Reality bites" you say, "But a crop bites harder," and offer to show them.
      Score double if you are taken up on your offer.
      Score triple if they in the end agree.

43) You might be a Domme if shaving is considered play for you and not so much personal hygiene.
      Score double if you have a slave shave you daily.
      Score triple if the slave NEVER nicks you.

44) You might be a Domme if you have zero patience with puter errors.
       Score double if you have a clock made from old puter parts or some such gizmo close to the puter to remind it of the possibilities should this behaviour continue.
      Score triple if simply standing and straightening the clock in enough to bring that machine back in line!

45) You might be a Domme if you refer to yourself by "scene name" on a regular basis.
      Score double if you get perturbed by those calling you by your real name.
      Score triple if you loudly have words with the perpetrator regarding the matter.

46) You might be a Domme if those calling your house and asking for "Becky" are hung up on.
      Score double if they call you back and ask for "Lady Rebecca."
      Score triple if you in turn hang up on them again, just to make your point.

47) You might be a Domme if you no longer argue - Your slaves take up your end of the debate for you.
      Score double if you needn't intervene at all.
      Score triple if your slave invariably always come out "on top."

48) You might be a Domme if in talking to a friend you "slip" and mention you need to train this weekend. When they ask, "In what?" You stutter and blush.
       Score double if you don't stutter and blush but respond in some vague but truthful manner.
       Score triple if there is just simply no need to answer.

49) You might be a Domme if you're so "Special" you have your very own Olympics.
       Score double if the events are getting so big, the televisions crews are lining up for contracts.
       Score triple if McDonalds wants "in on the action" too now.

50) You might be a Domme if blowing your nose and getting a room filled with 200 people to be attentive to you involves the same menial amount of ability.
       Score double if you now need to leave the room to blow your nose or everyone begins staring.
       Score triple if the slave knows to grab the Kleenex and dispose of it before it hits the floor.

51) You might be a Domme if you see maturity, responsibility and reliability as non-interchangeable, needed qualities.
       Score double if you fail to see the need to teach this to people, or slaves.  Disposal is always much easier.
       Score triple if even a disappointment in this area of things would equate to slow, painful death for the perpetrator.

52) You might be a Domme if losing a slave and "losing everything" mean the same things to you.
       Score double if you've ever stressed over a job interview or some other such foolishness with the slave but never let them know or see it from you.
       Score triple if the real object of a good party is beating the slave in the morning for sleeping in and THE MESS!

53) You might be a Domme if roadkill on the shoulder reminds you of a need to beat the subbie tonight for whatever infraction was committed by the time you get home.
      Score double if you've been able to convince the sub their backside is bloody and raw as hamburger in 10 minutes or less.
      Score triple if it's actually LOOKED that way in less than 30 minutes.

54) You might be a Domme if in crafting class they are discussing the differences between a carved bead and a "fetish" - and you get this dreamy far away look.
      Score double if you snapped out of it in time to catch whatever the teacher was talking about.
      Score triple if you went home and sceened after craft classes.

55) You might be a Domme if you've stayed up all night planning tomorrow's tortures and playing.
      Score double if it required creating some kind of home made equipment.
      Score triple if in the end you slept through the allotted meeting time.

56) You might be a Domme if you lose control and get emotional and then lose control, because you lost control ... If I've confused you - You're not a Dominant.
      Score double if, "The only one around here, 'kissing anything better,' is on its knees"
      Score triple if you simply never lose control.

57) You might be a Domme if you'd sooner lose a business contact or friendship than continue feeling like you're being used and unhappy with things.
      Score double if you let people know this in a snide and sarcastic manner.
      Score triple if in one conversation or letter, THEY now decide THEY don't want to deal with YOU anymore - You've accomplished your goal!

58) You might be a Domme if you keep a running scoreboard in your head, and dammit - You always win!
      Score double if the slaves know better than you beat you at RISK, Monopoly, blackjack, Poker etc;
      Score triple if after 8 mos. of trying to beat your high score on the puter game - The slave is still trying for it!  That's commitment!

59) You might be a Domme if you have no patience for whining, sniveling, egotistical people ... Even if they are 8 years old, or your relatives.
       Score double if you let them know as much.
       Score triple if they respond appropriately, and cease such annoyances.

60) You might be a Domme if people know better than to give you gifts, they give you cash instead. Wouldn't after all want to make decisions for you - Or dictate your desires!
       Score double if gifts, or even money show up in your mailbox from unknown sources.
       Score triple if this happens more than once a week.

61) You might be a Domme if you understand the intricacies of sideways psychology. Somewhat akin to reverse psychology but much more useful and unheard of - You know how to get your way and have people do what's needed - You did after all already commit to this, now you just need the slave to, and have them think it's their idea/desire ... Fools.
       Score double if you've ever actually done this.
       Score triple cause yer allowed, no one would dare tell you you can't!

62) You might be a Domme if when selling your house you need to fill bolt holes in the ceiling, walls, & floor before allowing a real estate agent entry.
       Score double if the agent shrugs and says, "Well - I don't see the need to remove the Dungeon for the sale, they can decorate it differently if they like."
       Score triple if anyone going through the house ever took more than an idle interest in the Dungeon.

63) You might be a Domme if your friends come over and swoon over your rope collection - Asking where you got THIS one from.
       Score double if you never take the rope off of the couch legs, racks, etc; as putting it in & out all the time would waste far too much time.
       Score triple if the slaves look after keeping the Dungeon.

64) You might be a Domme if men are seen as excess flesh on the face of the planet and useful only as pantied, sexless sissy slaves.
      Score double if you feel they should sleep out of doors in a dog house.
      Score triple if you know we as women don't need them anyway and figure we should just exterminate them all and use sperm banks where required.

65) You might be a Domme if you live to offend people, and shock value has nothing to do with it.
       Score double if you've been asked to leave a public place for clothing worn which covered you completely, but apparently was a little too scene friendly.
       Score triple if in the end security had to remove you.

66) You might be a Domme if you call a store to see how late they are open until and know you won't make it in time. You ask them to please stay open and wait for you - Arriving 30 min late ... They are waiting.
      Score double if on top of this you get massive discounts.
      Score triple if they toss in freebies and thank you profusely for coming.

67) You might be a Domme if your idea of a weekend well spent involves lots of rope, little time going out and a whole lot of anything messy.
      Score double if your partner has no say in the matter, but intuitively brings the rope.
      Score triple if your playmate does the cleanup for you, without being told.

68) You might be a Domme if upon hearing the oxy-moron Sado-masochist used by a non-scene friendly person, you decide to educate them that one can not be a sadist & a masochist at the same time. You either want to "get off" by hurting someone, or be hurt yourself.
      Score double if you explain SM means Submissive and Master, and get it right already.
      Score triple if they actually looked berated and understood your point.

69) You might be a Domme if you don't hesitate to call people at 2 am to bring you milk, cigarettes or otherwise.
      Score double if the person called gets out of bed and does the errand.
      Score triple if they do not accept payment for it and go home immediately, and back to sleep. Thus saving you the hassle of a scene you really don't want to do at this hour anyway.

70) You might be a Domme if you respond to flame mail with a reply which leaves your flamer speechless.
      Score double if the person tries to respond and looks more the fool for having done so.
      Score triple if in the end they sign off your mailing list and go lick their wounds elsewhere.

71) You might be a Domme if being up at 3 am doing leather work is less of a job and more of a hobby.
       Score double if you proudly tell everyone at work the next day why you are so tired and what it is you were making.        
       Score triple if you are asked to bring it in tomorrow.

72) You might be a Domme if you show up for work late and those who tease/ridicule and chastise you end up feeling like the idiots in the end.
      Score double if you do more in less time on these days than they could ever hope to.
      Score triple if you are your own boss and just fire the bastards - They should know better!

73) You might be a Domme if you can laugh at your own errors and faults but no one else had better!
      Score double if recently anyone has discovered your lack of humor the hard way.
      Score triple if you're still having fun teaching them this little known aspect of Domme personalities.

74) You might be a Domme if the entire household knows when you are on the phone they MUST stop everything they are doing which produces noise, and bloody keep it down already.
      Score double if they now hush up when you begin dialing.
      Score triple if they now simply & immediately go to the extent of leaving the house to finish whatever they are doing.

75) You might be a Domme if you have related to 50 or more of these points.
      Score double if you've thought of more to add to the list.
      Score triple if you now mail them to My slave@sinpages.com


A  personal file hosted on sinpages.com Please - Do not reprint, repost, or otherwise duplicate these files in full, or in part without express written authorization of the copyright holder, to do so is to risk criminal persecution and contempt of the community at large.  If you replicate without consent, the rest of your site is trash - Safe - Sane - Consensual - Fun - Between adults - keep it healthy


Lil Red Ridinghood be goin thru the woods
the game warden spots her and says "Hey - Lil Red ...
you best watch it, the wolf is out today.  He says he's gonna catch you,
lift yer skirt, and play with yer titties."
Lil Red smiles - lifts the kerchief on the basket and flashes a gun.
"Not to worry sir," she says - "I have it covered ... "
So she gets to grama's, and the wolf jumps out.
She doesn't flinch.
He says "Heya Lil Red" ... she says "Hi."
He asks if she's scared - She says no and asks why.
He says, "Well didn't the game warden tell you? ...
I'm going to lift your skirt, and play with your titties!
And with that Lil Red pulls out the magnum - shoves it in the wolfs face and says "OH NO YER NOT - Yer gonna eat me ... just like the book says, now get to it!"

Contributed to sinpages.com by "spider"

A  personal file hosted on sinpages.com Please - Do not reprint, repost, or otherwise duplicate these files in full, or in part without express written authorization of the copyright holder, to do so is to risk criminal persecution and contempt of the community at large.  If you replicate without consent, the rest of your site is trash - Safe - Sane - Consensual - Fun - Between adults - keep it healthy

The things I've learned online:

Finding something constructive to do does not mean changing chat rooms, sites or boards.
When a slaves goes to do homework it usually does not involve paper or pen.
Looking for a change of pace does not mean using the opposing hand. 
Practices self bondage does not necessarily mean work-a-holic, lawyer, or parent.
Food SHOULD be portable, dry, and non-crumbly - hence the affinity for cheese!!
TPE does not usually mean toilet papering expert.
Everyone in the chat rooms tries to break their pee, no one ever fixes it, but finding toilet slaves is rough ...
Do not argue with people - Only because you will fall off line at the worst times making it look as though you've run out.
"OH CRAP!"  Is just as bad online as it is live, and is usually followed by a power outage for the person saying it.
Hurt feelings only last as long as you are willing to carry the hurt - get over it, it's probably a misunderstanding.
If you want to annoy the whole room - troll.  The more people are in the room the better this works.
Attention Whore is another name for rude, ill mannered, badly behaved, anti-social person.
Easiest way to really get on people's nerves?  Say in a note - I'm reading your profile, you're hot and then ask for ASL (which is IN the profile)
Nothing but nothing is as bad is a 'nilla with a chip on their shoulder pretending to be deviant - while yelling at a room full of people.
You will always hear of the party the day AFTER it happens, its not personal, it's Your timing.
When you give up on the net, (like all other things) the coolest things happen ...
A true slave can SO live and sleep at a computer for days and weeks on end, or at least fake it well enough to pass.
Online friends can be just as genuine and real as a local friend - If you let them be.  Don't be so paranoid.
If you want some fun, walk into a chat room, incite the entire room and then just when everyone is blowing their stack, claim *PHONE CALL*
A submissive is a slave without a collar, a slave is collared - both are still a pain in the posterior and SAMs
Smart Assed Masochists should stay offline as they get no satisfaction and never become sedate ... ever ... even for a moment.
Spotting a full moon online is nowhere near a science - when everyone is "in a mood" ... check the calendar and find a corner.
Keeping up with a room of more than 20 people talking is absurd, but we all do it anyway, throw in your two cents; if it makes sense it's a bonus!
Lurking and camping is not a bad thing after all, YOU do it too, right.
You can sit in a room full of people, never speaking and still meet some pretty neat folks.  Not usually, but I hear this is the current rumor.
CBT does NOT mean Can Bend Titanium, Canned Beans & Tuna, or Crappy Black Trousers, honest!
No one has a face online, although there are some nice chins and even an occasional smile - everyone ... is headless.
Women have as much of a monopoly on perversion ... everywhere ... especially online - as men have a monopoly of control ... everywhere.
Bill Gates will invent the self-cleaning home as he created the need and market for this when the internet was born - Get off your ass and go do something constructive already!

A  personal file hosted on sinpages.com Please - Do not reprint, repost, or otherwise duplicate these files in full, or in part without express written authorization of the copyright holder, to do so is to risk criminal persecution and contempt of the community at large.  If you replicate without consent, the rest of your site is trash - Safe - Sane - Consensual - Fun - Between adults - keep it healthy


300 Rules for Profiting & Slave Acquisition
(In the style of; The Ferengi rules of Acquisition)

1. The bigger the smile - the sharper the knife.
2. A slave who is incapable of sexual service must be highly profitable in other areas.
3. Unprofitable slaves are not worth acquiring.
4. Theft of slaves from other Domina's calls retribution to yourself, and is unprofitable.
5. A good slave has many sources of location and retrieval, which are profitable.
6. Any slave who is argumentative and negative is not profitable to acquire.
7. Attitude and demeanor of a profitable slave compliments that of their Lady.
8. Profitability lays in the eyes of the Lady, but the slave must present an attitude to illustrate the truth in that sentiment.
9. Acquiring slaves from another Domina may tip the balance and create loss of profit issues.
10. When chasing a slave be sure to stop in time, so as not to run them over.
11. Once you have the slaves freedom, never give it back.
12. Never allow the judgments of others to stand in the way of acquiring your own slave.
13. Small minded slaves lead to large time expenditures.
14. A natural tendency plus instinct, equal profit.
15. Need is eternal.
16. Any slave worth having will increase Your profit, and status.
17. A good slave is a good slave - Until a fantastic one comes along.
18. A Lady without slaves is not a Lady at all.
19. Satisfaction is a bonus, disappointment is guaranteed.
20. Never place the slave, before the profit.
21. A wise Woman knows the true submissive's heart, and feels his needs before She even sees his face.
22. There's always a way out.
23. As the slaves go, so also goes the wise Lady ...
24. There is nothing more dangerous than a loving Domina.
25. There is nothing more awe inspiring than an honest Domina.
26. There is nothing more fear invoking than an angry Domina.
27. It never hurts to sweeten the slave.
28. Peace is good for slaves.
29. Anger is good for slaves.
30. Friendship is temporary, true slavery is forever.
31. Control and Dominance, is its own reward.
32. Servitude and submission, is its own reward.
33. What's Mine is Mine, what's the slaves is Mine too.
34. Never confuse wisdom with luck.
35. Never trust a slave wearing more money than Yourself.
36. Never trust a Domina with a great interest in Yourself.
37. Never trust a Domina who has a great interest in Your methods.
38. Never trust a slave who follows you blindly.
39. Never ask when You can take.
40. Never take when You must ask.
41. Good slaves are as rare as a strain of pure gold, treasure them.
42. There is no substitute for a good, loyal, obedient slave.
43. There is no substitute for a profitable slave.
44. Free advice is seldom fully free, a slaves advice in particular.
45. Keep the discipline consistent.
46. Keep the rules consistent.
47. Keep Your desires consistent.
48. The riskier the road, the more profitable the reward.
49. The harder the trail the more rewarding the rest.
50. There's a new slave born every second.
51. Don't trust a well meaning slave.
52. Don't trust a slave ... Period.
53. If it wins You slaves, sell Your own brother.
54. Home is where you hang your whip, but slaves are made of gold and jewels.
55. Every once in awhile act irrationally. It confuses the slaves and keeps them in line.
56. Beware the greed of males for Female knowledge, insights and understandings.
57. The more humiliated the slave, the greater the laughs for taking the profit.
58. The more beaten the slave, the more You have worked for that profit.
59. The more lust filled the slave, the greater the fun for profit.
60. The more inspired the slave, the greater the passion to share his profit.
61. The more fearing the slave, the greater the hope that giving the profits will appease.
62. Never let the slave know what You are thinking.
63. Never let the slave know all that You know.
64. Never let the slave know the punishment.
65. Never tell the slave where they stand.
66. Ask not what You can do for your slave, but what Your slaves can do for You.
67. Act without delay - the well wielded crop cuts deeply.
68. Trust is the biggest liability of them all.
69. The true value of a slave is what others would be willing to do, to get it from You.
70. Faith moves mountains ... of subordinate's concerns.
71. Nature decays but gold and jewels last forever.
72. There is no honor in being slave-less and without profit.
73. Dominance and an empty sack is worth the sack, and one takes less space.
74. Treat slaves in Your debt like family - Exploit them, ask favours, make demands.
75. There's always a catch.
76. You can't free a slave from their mental bondage.
77. Never judge a slave by the size of his bulge.
78. Never judge a slave by the size of his promises.
79. Never judge a slave by the size of his wallet.
80. Never judge a slave by their clothing.
81. Never judge a slave by their vehicle.
82. Never judge a slave by the hairstyle.
83. Everything is for sale, even slaves and their loyalty.
84. Only fools deal with pre-trained slaves.
85. Undoing previous training which doesn't suit, is even more tedious than "breaking" the slave, and training new.
86. Need, the Mother of invention. Lust, Her sister ... Want, their Aunt ... Profit - the Grandmother.
87. Promote the sizzle, not the steak.
88. Even in the worst of times, a slave is easily found.
89. Especially in the easiest of times slaves and profits abound.
90. Know Your slaves, and hopefuls, and profit from their weakness' - Always.
91. Not even his occasional dishonesty, can tarnish the shine of a well honed slave.
92. Let others worry about the reputation - You worry about creating, and collecting, the profit.
93. Let the others worry about the situation - You keep the slaves.
94. A clever Domina waits to bid, until the others have exhausted themselves already in the effort.
95. It's always profitable to know the new slave prospects before they come to You.
96. The justification for Dominance, is submission.
97. The justification for Ownership, is slavery.
98. The justification for profit, is power..
99. Never begin slave training on an empty stomach.
100. Never take an interview when impatient.
101. Never play when under the influence.
102. Never allow hormone to interfere with greater judgment.
103. Always know exactly what You are getting, and then demand more in the bargain.
104. Possession is 11/10ths of the law.
105. Trust lasts longer than lust.
106. Love lasts longer than lust.
107. Need lasts longer than trust and love both.
108. You can't trust fate, or luck.
109. "Lots" is ok, but "most" is required.
110. A husband is a detriment, a good slave is a necessity.
111. A wealthy Lady can afford anything, except a conscience, or morals.
112. The slave is always right - Until You collar them.
113. When in doubt, fabricate.
114. Deep down, all males are slave.
115. No good deed ever goes unpunished.
116. No ill deed ever goes unpunished.
117. Fair play has no place in D/s.
118. Dominance and subordination isn't "fair," if it was we wouldn't have Dominants and subordinates.
119. Never work harder to secure a slave than You have to.
120. A slave serves, a Sister, or Daughter inherits.
121. Sleep can interfere with training.
122. Never have sex with a slave's sister.
123. Always bind the slave before screwing his brother, boss or son.
124. A slave is a slave - also known as what You see is basically what You've got to work with.
125. Keep Your heart closed and eyes open.
126. New slaves are like sunfish, They are shinny and succulent, but sometimes they'll raise their spines into Your hands.
127. Always keep a scoreboard.
128. Rules are always subject to change
129. Rules are always subject to interpretation.
130. Always lie to other Ladies.
131. You can't cheat nature, but it never hurts to try.
132. Never buy a slave for more than is absolutely necessary.
133. Sex and good slaves are the two things that never last long enough.
134. If You can't break a slave, bend them.
135. A displeased slave will not worship as well as a happy one.
136. A scared slave will worship well to save their position.
137. A beaten slave can worship through the tears.
138. True slavery is the only thing that shines.
139. Any slave worth having is worth the effort to secure them.
140. A good slave is pure profit.
141. An unworthy slave is pure cost.
142. Acting stupid is often very clever.
143. Acting clever is often a detriment.
144. An easy score, in the realm of slaves never is.
145. Never believe Your ears, apologies are to be seen, not heard.
146. Never believe a slave, promises need come to fruit before a meal can be made of them.
147. A slave is a slave, but training can make much difference.
148. Beware other Ladies bearing gifts.
149. Beware the empty handed slave.
150. When the slave is sweating, turn up the heat.
151. Don't lie too soon to a slave after collaring.
152. Never take the last slave in the pile, but secure as many of the others as is possible.
153. Fear makes a good training partner.
154. Love makes a strong training partner.
155. Lust makes a powerful training partner.
156. Trust makes a worthy training partner.
157. Compassion does not make a good training partner.
158. Gentleness belongs in the vanilla world - Thorough training requires speed, strictness, rigidity, and a firm hand.
159. The vast majority of powerful Women on this planet did not inherit their positions, they stole them.
160. The most beautiful thing about a slave, is what You can do with it once trained and collared.
161. Morality is always defined by those in power - Use Your slaves to Your profit.
162. When someone says "it's not the power," they're lying.
163. When someone says "it's not the sex," they're lying.
164. When someone says "I want to serve You," they're lying.
165. Talk is cheap, toys cost money.
166. Be careful what You promise. It may be exactly what the slave desires.
167. Compassion is no substitute for Dominance.
168. You could keep as many slaves as You like without Your government - If it weren't for the government.
169. Too many Ladies can't laugh at themselves anymore.
170. Too many slaves have no sense of humour.
171. You can always buy back a lost reputation.
172. Free advertising is as worthwhile as the source.
173. Praise is free - Heap it on the slaves.
174. If You find a slave on Your journeys, take them.
175. Submission talks, but slavery will win Your attention.
176. Never start a fight You don't know for certain You will win.
177. Never argue with a slave, it is unbecoming.
178. Only take slaves who You are certain to profit from.
179. Ass worship is often more powerful than a crop.
180. A crop is often more powerful than extended bondage.
181. Submission has limits, slavery has none.
182. Play parties are full of people who trusted the wrong person.
183. Cunning, and experience, will always overcome youth, and talent.
184. Dominance will always overcome argumentative youth.
185. Always bluff a player.
186. Never bluff a community icon.
187. Never admit to Your mistakes, if there is someone else who You might blame.
188. Always blame incorrect training on the slaves inability to absorb it correctly.
189. Only Betty Page will ever be Betty Page.
190. Claim and train first, ask questions later ... If ever.
191. Never take a slave You can't train immediately.
192. Always train at the highest possible intensity level.
193. Pursue the profit and the slave will fall into line later.
194. Pursue the man and the slave will fall into line later.
195. Always use Your reputation to Your advantage.
196. Never say "thank you" to a slave - it carries a subconscious I.O.U. with it.
197. Never use words where an implement is better.
198. Power without a slave, is like a flogger without an arm to wield it.
199. Don't talk submission, talk slavery.
200. Don't talk Domination, do it.
201. Don't talk capitulation, force it.
202. Anyone serving a Lady who is mentally incapable can be relieved of the duty, if She demands it.
203. Anyone asking to be relieved is obviously still mentally functioning and so should be forced to serve.
204. Get the training in first, then worry about the collar.
205. Get the profits in, before the collar goes on.
206. Never do something Yourself, which You can have a slave do for You.
207. Never work for what can be gotten with a claim.
208. A slave is never made, they are trained, or untrained.
209. A vanilla makes a poor slave.
210. Take control, train, command, or get out of the way.
211. A friend is only a friend until You get him on his knees, and then he is slave.
212. Law makes men greater, but Lust gives Women the power.
213. Dominance makes all Women equal, but justice goes to the strictest Woman.
214. Opportunity awaits not even You.
215. Never humiliate Your own slaves when You can humiliate someone else's.
216. Never work Your own slaves when You can demand of someone else's.
217. If it is going to profit You, do not hesitate to collar him.
218. Never offer an explanation.
219. Don't offer hot wax when a serious flogging is due.
220. Never put stock in a slave You haven't trained.
221. Claim them with words, collar and demand in writing.
222. A male friend is a slave in the making.
223. A male lover is a slave in the making.
224. Do cock and ball torture on a male and he's happy for a day, teach him capitulation and he will be Your slave.
225. Give a male a spanking and he's happy for a day, teach him to submit and he's a slave.
226. Teach a male D/s and you've lost him. Teach him Your ways of Dominance, and You have won a slave.
227. Instinct without training is useless.
228. Desire without training is useless.
229. Beware any Lady who thinks with a wet pussy.
230. The more profitable slaves, the greater the power.
231. Slavery is stronger than lust, but harder to disengage.
232. Blood is thicker than water, but harder to clean up.
233. Submission is weakness, capitulation is strength.
234. D/s is like war, it's important to recognize the winner.
235. Domination is like war, one battle or scene is not the whole training.
236. Domination talks, but having lots of slaves gets attention.
237. Always work for the highest possible servitude.
238. The time and effort You spend on a slave is never cheap, nor will You ever get it back.
239. Win or lose, there's always another slave to be found.
240. Never make fun of a slave's mother, for better ego destruction go after his employment.
241. Even a deaf and blind slave will recognize the sting of a cane.
242. Never cheat on an agreement made with a slave ... Unless You're sure You can get away with it.
243. A slave is but a rung on the ladder of success, do not hesitate to step on them.
244. After being stepped on, a good slave will thank You for the opportunity to assist in Your success.
245. Beware the slave who won't make time for their training.
246. Never be afraid to advertise falsely, the slaves make false claims too.
247. "Most" is good ... But "all" is necessary.
248. A slave wearing clothes, is like a Domina scrubbing a toilet.
249. Slaves won't bring You happiness, but You can sure have a ball playing with them!
250. Remember; he can suck Your toes, and kiss Your ass, but prying into Your mind is off limits.
251. True Dominance never acknowledges a "no."
252. Always make Yourself easy to find, and hard to please.
253. Every slave is worth something to someone, if they are worthless to You - Let them go.
254. There is no substitute for a good slave.
255. Win or lose there's always play parties, and fetish nights.
256. Ego stroking will lose you the war.
257. Keeping the balls full, will win You everything.
258. Domina's are not responsible for the stupidity of slaves, or femsubs.
259. It is better to bite Your tongue than lose the slave.
260. A true slave will not ask for a "break."
261. A male on his knees means SLAVE!
262. Improvise or die.
263. Specialize or die.
264. For every rule there is an equal and opposite demand, take advantage of them.
265. If they accept Your first offer You've either asked too, little or given too much.
266. Never turn Your back on a slave who fully trusts You.
267. A commitment is only valid if they follow through on and with it.
268. Tie it - Beat it - CBT it!
269. Never give away without forethought what can be given at a profit.
270. Never trust a slave who is eager to please.
271. D/s is NOT fair! How else would You so easily turn an ass red?
272. When You seriously thrash someone it doesn't hurt to praise them - That way they will take, and want more next time.
273. A promise is not worth the time it takes to hear it, or the breath to speak it.
274. When a slave makes promises in order to be Your slave, get the promises filled and dealt with first.
275. Never gamble with a collar, when You can gamble on a promise instead.
276. Always bet on the slave failing to follow through with the promise.
278. Hear all, believe none of it.
279. A slave in true need is the most profitable to acquire.
280. Always take advantage of a slave's fetishes and perversions.
281. Willing suspension of belief is a SLAVE'S thing, not a Domina's thing.
282. Sweetness and Dominance are mutually exclusive.
283. Never claim one slave, when waiting a day or two will get you two of them.
284. Demand Everything!
285. Expect Everything!
286. The concept of "Settle," is not in Your comprehension.
287. A lesson learned is worth pressing a slave harder.
288. A lesson plan learned is worth further training.
289. A specialized training perfected is worth a collar, maybe not Yours ... but a collar still.
290. When a slave begs, charge to listen.
291. When training a slave, a good set of cuffs is as important as the flogger.
292. If You're going to have to endure them, they could at least make You comfortable.
293. Never "lowball" Yourself.
294. Show and demand Your "Champagne tastes," ... then when they can only offer "midrange," they feel insufficient & guilty.
295. The wise ones never start for pennies and expect to "work up the scale."
296. Trust only those who trust You.
297. Reward the good, but ignore the bad, and the behavior improves dramatically.
298. There is nothing wrong with kindness, as long as it creates gratitude, which promotes generosity.
299. Gratitude can bring on submission, and generosity.
300. Enough .. Will simply never suffice.
The unwritten rules
301. When a rule doesn't exist, fabricate to suit.
302. Questions; Are not becoming in a slave.
303. Leniency expedites sloppy, lazy, careless slaves.
304. It is not game playing, manipulation! It's Dominance!
305. You cannot tell on him, to his mother, it simply will not do. But if you give her 3 - 500 yr. old African trade beads in trade, and she keeps them, he's all yours.
306. Remember the Dominant's "safeword" ... OOPS!
307. Stupidity is not a viable excuse.
308. None of the rules apply to You.
309. Full balls and a hard cock work wonders in assisting submissive nature.
310. The key to good relationships is brevity.
311. It's all in the image babay.
312. Slaves are addictive.
313. Once - Is never enough.
314. Beware the slave who would butter You up - It gets slippery.

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