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  We sprang from the loins of our fathers neither diseased, nor depraved.  We sprang from the wombs of our mothers without forethought of the sensuality, or the utter voluptuousness of the moment.

  And yet in the year 1935 it was writ by a man of no less understanding and renown of both Anthropology and Sexuality as Dr. Bloch that even the (then) modern penchant for the spanking of children would, could, and indeed does alter the otherwise normal and healthy sexual development of those upon whom it is practiced.  No one cared listen then, and I wonder if anyone would care hear it now.
  Sensual and sexual development can only come about when uninfluenced; a standard and norm to which our current society is loathe in permitting.
  It has been agreed – put forth – and established in many a community that the variance of motivation for stimulation resides in all capacities and all senses.

  Thus it stands to reason that the nature of the influential sensual exposure in and of itself is irrelevant.  The fact the exposure has indeed occurred and is currently manifest in the sexual desires and habits of adults the world over might suffice as ample justification for the elaboration upon the theory.
  Spanking was the topic on hand and being discussed as a sensual stimulation visited upon a youth as yet sensually and sexually undeveloped, thus fully unprepared for such an experience.

  There is no denying the medical and scientific evidence of blood rushing to and engorging any part of the body which is physically stimulated in any manner.  As it is the buttocks of the child which are most often thrashed, and as the genitals are directly joined and beside the buttocks this will and does cause an undeniable physiological response which merits a cessation of the practice by all who undertake it upon minors, and particularly those of the community who profess to greater intellect.
  Which is to say anyone who undertakes to spank, beat, or hit the buttocks of any child, for any reason should henceforth be accepted and understood as an adult practicing an unacceptable sensual and sexual behaviour with a child.  Such behaviours outside of the community need be addressed as well, that we might thus finally be heard and acknowledged; as this is not the sort of practice or interest we prefer, and the greater understanding of it provided by us might assist in our gaining of respect outside of our irrespective communities.

   Other children (or adults) may in turn be motivated by audio stimuli, or perhaps video, photographs, voyeurism, perhaps other scents, sensations of touch, or even … taste.

   Some may have been exposed to the sounds of coitus and been stimulated to fear, interested enough, concerned enough, stimulated enough to investigate, to seek to assist a parent who to them sounds to be being injured.
    Some might have wandered in on their parents or others in a moment of lustful abandon, and have thus had occasion to watch others perhaps even unsupervised, and undiscovered.
    Some might have been given chores which were only unappealing until an element of sensuality was discovered in it.
    For some the exposure may have been almost ritualistic in timing so that dessert for the youth signified play time for the adults, and so to this day that hour for dessert will strike in the child become adult as a sensual erotic time.
    All of these types of exposure regardless of duration or form, or direct contact of exposure will exert some influence on the development of the child’s sensuality and sexuality, a reality for which the child is unprepared.  As established; the only possible way to develop fully and un-tampered with is to be allowed to develop sexually without exposure, influence or outside assistance.

    A single exposure can completely alter a barely forming perception of sexuality – many exposures – many events – will create a sexuality which as yet remains largely unexplored and unexposed.  Current society and the sensual sexual human representation; is a fertile breeding ground for the deviant sexuality of generations yet to come.  The time has come; we need to address this issue, and we need to take responsibility for our own societal image.
  Where and how the twisting and altering of sexuality happens can be accepted and realized but from there; where does this go – What does this community believe is acceptable, or reprehensible – where is the line drawn, and who is the one drawing it – or – does it even exist?
   It is My belief that until this community self defines its’ morals, its’ code of ethics, and its’ philosophical perspective and belief structure, this acceptance will never be found, or attained.

  And so - It is with this intention and desire that you are greeted and welcomed to join in the discussions.


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