The LIST OF WEBSITES;  The sites are listed under the active categories of:

Clubs & Groups
Ladies & Dungeons
Chain Mail
Pony Gear & Carts
Honourable Mention

All sites have been tested and verified as active and useful, on the dates listed - If you find a dead link, please let us know
All sites have been checked for decent number of items, and some degree of original product, price and quality where possible
All sites have a comment beside them to let you know some relevant detail, I have checked these links, Myself - And personally OK'd each one of them for you, you are not clicking and wasting your time on pointless searches, or endless link lists of nothing-ness.
All sites are available in English
North American sites have been listed, and noted where possible
Some Address' are repeated if the range of goods warrants a repeat listing under another heading (ie leather+corsets+medeival)
Pony Gear sites have proven difficult to locate & with less than 20 suppliers - SEND PONY LINKS!
Chain Mail is also proving hard to locate, as there are few sites supporting this - SEND CHAIN MAILLE LINKS!
Short url's are used, please do your own searches and surf the sites thoroughly as there's often more than you see at first glance.
Rubber category includes listings for leather and PVC/vinyl.

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