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For those of you who were more interested I thought I'd leave more for you.  Hope this helps to answer some queries.

Where the heck were you for the past 5 + years?
Well - Some of us are more of a threat to "the establishment" than others, and some of Us realize what is really going on in the big wide world, those of Us who do tend to be persecuted, harassed and hounded.  For this reason I will continue to make the site available to you, however for now I will not longer be posting photos, or any other such information.  That's just the way it has to be.

Are you accepting slaves?
Perhaps.  That totally depends on the slave, and their level of commitment.   I won't accept just any slave.  Those "reared at the teat of a pro" are My most despised, as their "training" is a mess - and hellish to correct.

But ... Aren't you a professional?
*Gag - Sputter - Cough* - Um no, I am a stout disbeliever in pay-to-play.  But I will make concessions for a fee.  I like My slaves to be long term, live in, limit free, committed to Me, and serving My needs.  I have a "thing" for extremes in play - And people don't necessarily have a desire for that (but see a slave wouldn't ever say a word, they know better).  So we both make  ... concessions.  If I like someone enough and they appeal to Me - But they can't work with My regulations and are asking for "special treatment, for a fee" ... I may consider the offer.
  For the sake of understanding we'll call it semi-pro.  I give directions which are followed to the "T" and "Agree not to colour outside the lines," and the other party does their end.

i appreciate your site very much and i'd like to send you something to say thank-you.  i've looked and i see no address or anything - is there somewhere that i might send a gift?
The first way to say thanks to those who are putting the work, time and effort into the site is to sign the Guest Book , I'm noticing few of you are doing that. Get off yer duffs and sign the blasted thing!  It won't bite you, or follow you home or anything.  If you would like to send a card, or a note or even flowers - I wouldn't mind.  Heck I might get to feeling kinda special then too!  The donation button is also an option, when it gets here ...

Beyond that those who want to do more would need to email My slave who will bring it to Me, should you warrant My attention - works.

Can I get added to your Links (Friends) pages?
ATM (which is net-speak for At The Moment) most of the people on My "Friends" page are actually friends.  At the very least we've been in e-mail contact.  If you'd like to be added a graphic of some sort would help, and drop the slave an e-mail.  works.  See that - and you'll have been in contact with Me even!

The book is hard to follow ...
Apparently some of the pages were still in a somewhat cross formatted state.  Which is to say the files have moved through a few computers and the file formats aren't always compatible.  Thanks for bringing it to our attention.  It has since been partially fixed, and hopefully it's easier to understand now.  Beyond that I will not write situations into a corner.  Life doesn't write situations into a corner, you might feel you have only one option but there will always be more.  I want to make you think - To provide possibilities, options, considerations.  If it's too confusing for you, perhaps you fared better on the smut sites, and should return there.

What can we look for on the site in the future?
One of the things I'd like to see on the site is an area for you to post your info and pages.  I know I had one hell of a time finding space before I got My domain and server.  I would like to include more information and help to those of you out there still looking and seeking your perfect match.   I'm anticipating posting more photos, video clips of sessions with My slaves, and a few other "niceties" on the upcoming portion of the site as well.

When will it be up?
When the scripting is done that's required.   When things are finished being investigated and processed.  When I have the time.

Anything else ... Ask -

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