The Book of Conviction

Who was kaphka? They asked.  And She answered that kaphka was a child in the world of men, a seeker who sought sense in a storm of madness.  A student of philosophy was he, a youth of great vigor who would challenge the very pillar and tenets of the temples of men.

And so it was that a young accolade came before The Goddess and sought nourishment of the soul from Her wisdom; that which he knew She kept hidden and guarded, that seed of insight, which was, buried deep and sought not to be revealed.  But the student appeared before the Teacher, and willing or not a Teacher must Teach a willing pupil; For those who would be taught, thirst for such knowledge that to not slake such thirst, is to risk the youth seeking the fountain of knowledge from One lesser, One of inferior bearing, and lesser depth.
  And so it was that the Teacher who had been being taught was once again welcomed to the realm of Sage.
  The Sage who had been learning the lessons of Men and the disgraces of a society so ill equipped as to penalize any and all those who would dare to discover the truth of the great contradiction, and gain the conviction of knowledge and sense, which so many seem to overlook; the same Sage who was neither recognized, nor sought by the masses of men, for the wisdom of the Teacher was closely guarded, and well kept.

  Day after day the accolade appeared before the Teacher, and lesson after lesson is shared.  The Books of kaphka are some of the excerpts from those conversations, teachings, and times shared.
  There is much here worthy of sharing with others, and it has been kaphka’s express wish that the insights be revealed, and the Teacher remain in the position of Teacher, by the grace of those seeking to learn, to be taught and guided by a gentler, more enlightened soul who represents some of the better possibilities within the tenets of Female Supremacy and command.

  Join us on the journey, share in the insights, feed upon the sustenance shared.
  Welcome to The Book of kaphka, the first in the Book of Conviction.

  Always ... More to come.

The Book of kaphka- and it's CHAPTERS,
 the first book in the Book of Conviction

The Second Book, and newest work being undertaken
 in the Book of Conviction is the Book of saulm

Book 1
Book 2
Book 3
Book 4
Book 5
Book 6

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