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A while ago I undertook a project to try to help people with their D/s desires and learning.  I'd searched for publishers, but being a dominant didn't like the - "Let us edit the tar out of this" mentality.  The other issue that was coming up for me was their desire to re-name the work to "something more sociologically acceptable" (gag)
  Then after copy righting the work the more I thought on it the less I actually wanted some pinhead to even THINK of touching the material.  And no - I don't want it printed.  Why not - you ask.  Well here you can read it and your parents or spouse, or commanding officer won't happen across it.  To put it up here is to break distance and time barriers, and permit all of us to take this lifestyle exploration to a level which simple print would not allow.  Information (in my eyes, and mind) should be free to people, as much as air.  Why we think we have the right to withhold information from others who can't afford it, or are merely curious is something I doubt I will ever understand - And so in the same spirit the book was written so shall it be made available to you.  FREE of charge.  If you find someone has suspiciously or identically similar writings somewhere and especially if they are trying to charge for them (pay sites) - please do let me know.  I'm intolerant of those who can't follow directions -
  DO NOT STEAL MY WORK!  And of you want to reprint, or borrow the stuff anywhere, on anyone's site please do ask, not only is this the legal way to go about doing this, it's the most tactful and respectful.

About Slavery - the Book and it's CHAPTERS


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