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Proposed Lifetime Contract

proposed contract sent to {S}lave Nov/12-97. To be reviewed and upon agreement of both parties entered into jointly. Both parties being; referred to as the Owner, Dominant or Lady and the slave, or it.




Being of sound body and mind, entering into this agreement of free will, and under no outside influences, coercions or pressures;

Maitress _______-; herein referred to as "Lady/Owner/Her"


___________________; herein refer to as ___________/slave/it"

Having previously entered into a verbally agreed relationship, in which __________ submits itself to domination by Lady ______________. As a token of slave's trust and respect for Lady _____________ slave desires to show and give weight to, to validate and prove it's faith in, and devotion felt towards, this most worthy Dominant.

The slave has voiced a desire to sign this Contract as direct and irrevocable evidence of a need, a longing to continually worship the Lady; and to do everything within its' given abilities and power to bring the Lady only pleasure, and joy.

This life contract is entered into by both parties who are intending to be legally bound, and thus be held to this agreement as a legally binding document.


1. This Contract is IRREVOCABLE on the part of the slave. Ownership may only be terminated by the Lady, although slave may request that it be released, Lady is under no obligation to grant such a request. Lady is upon signature of this document (by both parties) deemed as free to weigh the consequences, yet ignore such request and enforce the Contract in perpetuity. The signing of this contract will be taken an acceptance of this contract as a lifelong commitment, on the part of both parties. Lady has already assured slave She will not release slave on a whim that She does take the commitment seriously, and considers the contract requirement; for life, to be held by both sides.

2. By signing this Contract, the slave surrenders the body, the sexuality, the "will", and all personal property to its' Lady.

3. The slave promises to promptly obey any order demanded by it's Lady, including those that involve permanent alterations, or marking to the body. Lady agrees to pushing the slave to its absolute limits, yet not forcing it to go beyond. This encourages growth, and allows slave to move those limits on its own to accommodate for Lady' expectations.

3(a) Both parties having mutually agreed, there will be no activities with high risk potential for causing permanent detrimental emotional, psychological or physical damage be undertaken as an implement of discipline; regardless of infraction. Such types of unsafe activities will neither be expected nor demanded of the slave on the part of either the slave or the dominant; this including suicide.

4. The slave hereby surrenders all former, and given names in entirety.

5. The slave acknowledges the authority of the Lady to inflict any punishment or penalty, subject only to the limitations of Paragraph 3(a), as above.

6. The slave shall have no right to rescind or modify this Contract itself. However, the parties agree that either party has the right to propose additions, deletions and amendments: provided however, that final approval and acceptance of all proposed amendments and changes rest entirely with the Lady.

7. The Owner reserves the right to demand photographs, documentation, or any other evidence of slave's servitude, and compliance with orders, and direction that She desires, requires and requests. Both parties hereby agree that the Owner may freely distribute such information if She feels such would serve Her, or the slave to bring gain.

8. All expenses involved in fulfilling this Contract shall be borne entirely by the slave.

9. In addition to general obligations, the slave specifically understands that it is to focus all sexual interest upon its Lady. And because sexual intercourse with the Lady would be inherently disrespectful of Her person, and until such time as slave learns to commit such acts respectfully and reverently, such shall not be allowed, under any circumstances. The slave acknowledges and understands that it will NEVER HAVE SEXUAL INTERCOURSE, except in the future and as Lady may direct, and as She has provided for in section 14; below.

*this slave also has special cause to remain chaste as it is virgin, and the Lady desires it remain as such, until such time as She finds it convenient and of service to enjoy this delicacy.

10. Not withstanding the above, should Lady in the future order the slave to engage in sexual conduct with a third party, male or female, slave will immediately comply; the sole limitation being that Lady/slave agrees to take precautions against the contraction of STDs..

11. Lady makes no commitment that slave is entitled to any sexual release of any form whatsoever; any contact between the slave and its own genitals is purely at the discretion, and request of the Lady.

12. By accepting this Contract, the slave accepts the following basic Rules previously communicated by Lady; plus such additional rules and policies as may be required or announced:

(a) At the start of any visit with Lady, slave will
immediately get on its' knees and kiss both Lady'
feet, and hands.

(b) Whether in public or private, the slave shall always
address Lady as "Lady, Domina," or by title.

(c) The slave acknowledges Lady' absolute ownership
of the body, mind and soul, all it has to offer. The slave will
give of itself freely and openly.

(d) When in Lady' presence, if the slave needs to go
to the bathroom it will ask permission, and will perform all
functions with the door open.

(e) The slave shall NEVER tell Lady. "No." As slaves are
only allowed to ask permission to discuss problems it may have
with any specific order.

(f) As slaves are not permitted opinions unless granted
them, argument with any particular decision or order will be seen
as insubordination and viewed as a cry or need to be retrained as
a tool of the dominant, an object of pleasure ... not a source of

(g) No matter how many times Lady asks a question, the
slave shall answer promptly, and answer differently.

(h) Safe words shall only be used in cases of heavy play
wherein both parties involved maintain an ongoing, avid
interest. However as such play has potential to be, or may be
construed as: potentially harmful in manners either mentally or
physically to the slave; it is in instances such as this that a
safe word will be given and thus employed.

** As subsection 3(a) states such types of play are
unacceptable to both parties as methods of discipline; therefore
there is no need for safe words in any other context and are thus
deemed to be; on the whole to be unnecessary.

(i) slave is not to be heard talking unless asked a direct
question or otherwise have speech aimed DIRECTLY at it.

(j) Lady will expect no questions from slave, unless given
permission to ask them ... (see rule 12(i)

(k) Lady will expect no opinions from slave ... unless
specifically asked for them, permitted them or had them trained.

Again See Rule 12(i)

(l) Lady will not tolerate excessive outward emotions from
slave... Unless specifically trained for use of them and it has
been permitted. This means all emotions, slave.

(m) slaves do not participate in masturbation ... They
experience No sex ... No release without permission. However,
and knowing that permission may come quite suddenly; the slave
should keep in mind they may be expected to be "of use" at any
time and thus be prepared for such and eventuality.

(n) Collars upon slaves are mandatory, always. (Take it off
at the last red light before work ... but wear it on the way.)

(o) Nudity is mandatory, always ... Clothing is wasted on
objects, especially when in their residence.

(p) slaves sleep bound and on the floor ... They are not
permitted furniture ... Unless directed, as objects do not belong
on such items.

(q) No habits ... (smoking, alcohol ... nail biting ...
coffee etc) unless directed and/or given permission.

(r) A slave is an OBJECT, slave has no gender, nothing -
Unless it is given such, or permitted such by their Owner. Slave
is an object of amusement, a tool, it deserves nothing and receives
nothing without having earned it and worked for it first, this
includes discipline.

And if this isn't all clear to slave ... Refer to rule #12(i)

13. In addition, the slave acknowledges a duty to obey perpetually the current practices of both parties, as follows:

(a) slave shall not maintain accessible erotica of any
type, either print, video, or accessed via computer; except as
Lady may authorize.

(b) slave shall immediately report any failure to obey

(c) At times when slave is allowed to masturbate, it will
follow the directions as given by the Owner. Any and all
directions for any type of sexual play, masturbation or
exploration will be followed as laid out, and implicitly;
including but not limited to: thought, method, time frames,
frequency etc.


14. As this slave is virgin and such is desired to be maintained by its Owner it shall take all possible steps to avoid sexual intercourse, as follows:

(a) slave shall NEVER attempt to initiate sexual relations with
anyone; anything more than light kissing and hugging shall be considered foreplay
and thus, will be seen as punishable.

(b) If anyone initiates sexual activity with slave, it shall refrain from
attaining an erection. If this fails and it becomes stimulated it shall neither
masturbate, nor orgasm. Such is to be shared only with the Dominant (as to this
point such has not been shared, Lady believes it should remain this way).

(c) Should the slave find that the erection is fairly well entrenched it
might reflect upon the fact that it is directly disobeying its' Owner and
risking ejection.

(d) If slave is unable for any reason to lose the erection as afforded above,
it shall bring the partner to climax without climaxing itself.

(e) slave will end all sexual activity without penetration.

(f) Anything which may constitute sexual activity (as outlined in 15(a))
shall be reported in full, omitting no details, immediately thereafter.

(g) If in the future if it is deemed necessary by the Dominant, for the slave to
sexually satisfy another in any form it will immediately and obediently comply.

15. Lady acknowledges the She will give the slave safe words as required and previously laid out in paragraph 12 subsection (h). ___________ agrees that in signing this contract She will not use her power arbitrarily or in a spirit of cruelty.

16. This Contract shall be signed in duplicate; and in addition, upon signing, Mistress shall sign Her name on the body of the slave. It has been agreed by both parties that at some point in the future, when the Owner takes it upon Herself to mark this slave has Hers, such will be done immediately.

17. All forms of duties, chores and physical exercise including letters, journals, chores, duties and physical workouts will be completed daily, or as specified.

18. The slave should keep in mind that excuses and apologies are not heard by this Lady, She only sees improvement and notes a turning away from old un-serving ways.

19. Both parties having agreed and understood that this slave is not to be the sole slave owned and kept by this Lady, and both parties having agreed that She is free to take others. __________ agrees to assist Lady in any manner She may require of it with these other slaves, slave will commit to neither encouraging nor continuing any disputes with others while under the ownership of this Owner; including but not limited to work, family, home, stable, etc.

20. Lady has no desire to completely remove the slave from the "arena of life" and thus this creates a need for both parties herein to agree to a non-interference clause as outlined and stipulated below. It is understood by both parties involved in this contract that they are free to seek out other relationships and friendships. It is also understood that sexual contact will NOT however take place, until such has been cleared by the Owner of the slave (in the case of the slave), or in the case of the Owner; no permission need be attained;

(a) the slave is free to seek out friends and acquaintances who will not
interfere with the training and protocols, nor expected and
required behaviors and mannerisms of the relationship.

(b) In the future the option will remain open to Lady to decide, and
command the slave to seek out one who will fit into certain criterion, in
order to better fulfill the needs of the slave in either an emotional or
sexual manner.

(c) Should this need arise, the slave will comply with the requests and
commands of the Dominant, and follow through on Lady' wishes.

(d) Both parties have agreed that if at any point ever in the future
another outside relationship develops wherein great stress and
duress is placed upon the relationship of this slave and its' Owner;
they have agreed that upon receipt of either order or request from
the Lady to the slave, it will terminate the problematic relationship
without hesitation or argument and this demand shall be completed
immediately upon receipt of said order.

(e) The slave knows it will not always be in accordance with the choices
the Owner makes in Her slaves, nor trainees. The slave however, does
agree to remain voiceless in these matters as the pleasure of the Owner
is paramount.

(f) All parties involved will be made aware of any changes in, or
amendments to their social, romantic and slave status (including
any prospective lovers of the slave).

(g) The slave agrees to be forthright and clear about this relationship,
and the commitment to it; with anyone it might
meet who would appear to be interested in slave in a romantic fashion.
The slave hereby agrees to the demand that it will not hide its responsibilities
or commitments to its' Owner, from anyone wherein a romantic connection
is, or may be resolved.

(h) The slave consents to Lady' request to be notified immediately
upon the possibility of such a relationship development.


21. The Owner agrees to train, sculpt and modify the body, mind and soul of this slave to better suit Her wishes and needs so that slave might continue to be of service and worth to Her, for all time. Lady consents to the slaves request to see it for what it is; a slave, and understands that it needs to be what it is, and will not encourage the slave to run free, nor seek release..

22. The Owner agrees to emotionally and mentally care for the slave, to cherish it, nurture it, and help slave to grow in any manner becoming of serving, and which would assist in attainment of any and all goals, on the part of both parties.

The slave agrees that by the signing of this contract, should it fail to comply with all the stipulations and guidelines as laid out within this Contract; such will viewed as grounds for immediate and complete dismissal by the Owner, without further explanation.

intending to be legally bound:

(Dominant signature)      _________________________ Date _______________

(please print full legal name for sake of completeness)

First : __________________________

Middle: __________________________

Last : ___________________________

SIGNATURE OF LEGAL NAME: ______________________________________________



intending to be legally bound:

(mark of slave)      ________________________________ Date________________

(please print full legal name for sake of completeness)

First : __________________________

Middle: __________________________

Last : ___________________________

SIGNATURE OF LEGAL NAME: ______________________________________________



intending to be legally bound:

witness: _________________________________ Date ________________

(please print full legal name for sake of completeness)

First : __________________________

Middle: __________________________

Last : ___________________________

SIGNATURE OF LEGAL NAME: ______________________________________________


" About Slavery " a copy righted manuscript; copyright 1994, 2000, 2001, 2005   D.Vyne...  Please - Do not reprint, repost, or otherwise duplicate these files in full, or in part without express written authorization of the copyright holder, to do so is to risk criminal persecution and contempt of the community at large.  If you replicate without consent, the rest of your site is trash - Safe - Sane - Consensual - Fun - Between adults - keep it healthy.

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