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Suggestions, tips, considerations, and thoughts


Regardless of your desired form of service, and whether that would be postal, internet, phone, or real life the following are some of the things a slave should include and think about in completing a thorough and well thought out application. 

Suggestions on applying :

So, you went out and explored, and you might have found a playmate.  Now the question becomes; How does one go about applying and what should be included?  There are suggested application forms included herein, and you might glean some ideas from that area. 
  You could do an application in resume form (this is probably the best notion); you could perhaps write it in point form, if you have lots of relative info.  You could write out something in prose, should you desire and the dominant be agreeable to such.  Whatever you think you would do best at, and would be original.
  Of course you might consider including something with your application in an effort to make it stand out.  Things like original artworks, writing, programs or computer files your prospective top might appreciate, or be able to use. 
  Of course it would be important to include respect, tact as well as intelligence in your application.  Also, remembering to use appropriate terms of respect might mean the difference between moving up, and being moved out.  You might want to consider how dry and lifeless your application comes across and include some degree of personality in it as well.
  Do not be cocky or rude, and do not tease or antagonize your top (at any time). Remembering, of course to try to pay particularly close attention to your behavior and etiquettes in the beginning. 

  Some of the things you may want to take a serious look at including are:
In your application it would be wise to include the following items :
Including but not limited to:

Marital Status ... married/divorced/common-law/separated/ single and have S/O (significant other).
A complete physical description.
Area of the planet you live.
Your employment status and particulars (this might come in handy for your top ... in the strangest of ways).
Mobility ... ability to travel or willingness to relocate.
Phone number (if in same area).
Fetish or kink interests.
Hobbies and interests
Length of time without a dominant, if you have had one in the past.

Medical problems, or conditions.  (To a dominant it is imperative to know and be honest with us about these things, we don't want to cause you undue and/or undeserved harm.  A pacemaker may be affected by electrical play, bad circulation by bondage, hearing means you might not always hear commands.  Allergies (this is a common shortfall, going to dinner, mohair in the dungeon, I can think of a few ways it could prove hazardous.  Allergies to medications and such should also be listed ... In case of Emergency.  A diabetic can crash at any given moment, knowing this may is a hazard, and what would need to be done in such an instance may mean all the difference in the world.   Eyesight (told to get toy and can't discern), bad knees (extended kneeling), asthma (gags and hoods), etc. etc.)

Including but not limited to:

- Number of dominants you have served.
- Length of service to each top.
- Session frequency (how often you visited and played), the average session length (there's a big difference between an hour or two here and there and a weekend or two).
- In which type of service you were trained (did you see them)... publicly (at play parties and functions), professionally (you paid), semi professionally (cut rates and more personal), personally (to administer to their person, and in what manner), privately (to do things around the house).
- How did you serve them, specifically ... and what training you received, to what depth.  If you remain uncertain about the depth of training say so.
- Sessions that went well and horribly and why you think they went each way.
- Desired forms of play as well as limits and how far you are willing to have them pushed.
- Which limits you are willing to have pushed and which you are not.
- The form of service ... Postal, real life, cyber, mIRC, phone, etc. 

Including but not limited to:

  What is it that you hope to achieve or attain in this relationship?
  Why you have chosen this dominant?
  Why this dominant might consider you? ( this is not where one goes about groveling, this is where one eloquently pleads ones case).
 The feelings and emotions you desire to be elicited on a most regular basis? ...
Why have you chosen to respond to this Top specifically? (looks, attitude, experience, locale etc.)
 What are you interested in doing or trying, and what do you have no interest in? (this is called a LIMIT)
  Are you willing to participate in any functions with the Top? (private, or public training/fetish/slave parties)

  If you are brave and wise enough to include a couple of references for past relationships, for friends, for others in the scene you are in contact with who would be willing to speak about you, this would be a huge step in the right direction.  Do not forget you are a stranger being invited into someone’s personal space.

  ... And of course anything else of special enlightenment.

   I would suggest witting out all of your relative and important information briefly in point form in preparation of creating your application.  This way you can refer to it, and add the items you remember to it for a couple of days. 
  Try to hold in mind that the person you are applying to has no idea who you are or what you are talking about, and their terms may be different than yours.  So again, don't use a lot of g/s, cbt, d/s, bdsm, roman showers kind of terms.  Write them out in entirety, and there will be no miscommunication.  I would not suggest sending photo unless you were asked for one ... nor would it be appropriate to be expecting a phone call, from a top to a bottom ... Even if you did include the number and said call collect. 

  If you have no experience then you should state how well educated you consider yourself to be, and where that education comes from.  Be that books, magazines, videos, friends who are involved in the scene or discussions with another Top.  Generalizations are not constructive at this point - which books, magazines, videos or persons have you been absorbing information from?  As information on the subject varies with personal opinion and conjecture, even within the same source, club, magazine, or movie, being as specific as you are able is of great asset. 

  There are also the questions you might want to reflect upon and whose answers need also be addressed right from the beginning.  Would you like to pursue this relationship on a personal or professional level?  And if you are applying on a more personal basis, but found to be unsuitable due to availability, personal limits, or your desired form of slavery... Would you be willing to be considered as a client?  Lets not forget here, many a client has moved to a far more personal realm after having proved their worth and value as a client.  This is also a wonderful way to get training from someone while still deciding if you want to pursue the lifestyle with greater zeal.

  The stance of client may prove important if for example the Top will only consider non paying slaves if they are able to provide service during certain hours, and your availability does not correlate with these times; Or if you do not desire any domestic duties, but the Top sees this as the only way for you to prove your worthiness to touch her person (yes, even her feet).  Or if for instance the stables are full, all of the positions have been filled... but you seem interesting and you appear to have some potential.

  What type of slavery do you desire to serve in?  When considering this question you should be thinking of SERVING YOUR TOP, not how you would like to be rewarded.  This list can encompass any number of things.  Some of the more common variables are:  gardening, automotive repair, chauffeuring, maid duties, carpentry, home maintenance (indoor or outdoors?), painting, secretarial, hand maid or butler, computer, electrical (home and car), electronics (T.V., V.C.R. and general appliance), accounting, child minding and animal care.  If you are adept at, papered or willing to do things in more than one area, you should also make that clear.

  There are many benefits to you if you are clear about these things.  If your dominant knows of these items, they will be asked of you.  You know you can do it, and better yet ... Do it well.  Therefore you know that if asked to serve in these manners you will be able to both serve and please.  It might be service you can do at home, on your own time and out of sight.  This gives you time to reflect and relax into your serving.  It would also (generally) mean you have been found to be able to thoroughly accomplish your work in a timely fashion and unsupervised.  What a wonderful compliment and gift.
  Are there any fetishes that are of special interest to you, and if so what are they? (There is a list included in the back of this book, you might want to take advantage of it.) 

  Gifts and such help to show your degree of commitment, and care, but it is also a show of respect, don’t be cheap and expect a pleasant reaction.  Just as one would not show up at a church to worship empty handed, Tops do not generally appreciate bottoms showing up to "worship" them empty handed.  At the same time however, should you find that due to your current situation you are unable to provide your Top with either small financial, or personal gifts, you might consider offering of your time.  ... But if you are applying for a position that has been filled, or the Top has sufficient well trained slaves to fill their needs, desires, and entertainment needs... How will YOU fare?

  The other item that I wanted to mention that may be of importance, and relevance is that: bottoms should keep foremost in their minds is the fact that recent polls suggest there are anywhere from 100 to 300 male bottoms for each Dominant female, at any given time.  And somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 female bottoms for every Dominant male ... At any given time (dependant upon location and poll done).  This should help you to decide not only how well behaved you should be striving to be, and realizing the size of the crowd you will be needing to stand out in.  But for the dominant as well to know what they will and will not tolerate and how easy this "toy" is to replace.  These figures are only approximations as there are still many people in the closet, and I have no same sex stats. 

  But the bottom line is the same, either way there are many more bottoms than Tops.  So if you do luck out, treasure your chance, and try your damndest to maintain your fragile position on the "food chain."             


  Yes a mail slave still needs to include those "gifts".
  If you are writing to a Top I would suggest including a MINIMUM OF 50/75$.

  This is done to compensate (to some degree) for the time energy and effort of the Top, as well as the postage, paper, envelopes, and electricity.  As a bottom you should keep in mind also that the more you are able to provide your Top with the more they will look forward to receiving your letters, and the more time they will be willing to spend on you and your training.  It does take time out of their day to "play" with you.  Time that your top might have been working with a real life toy/playmate, or even a paying client.  If they have a few of them around ... who pay even $150 an hour, how appealing is that $50 now?
  Your session is not overly different from anyone else's and truth to be had, is much harder for your top to do than a real life session.
  How do I figure?
  Fairly simple really ... If I see you and know you.  If I have had the advantage of meeting you and seeing your responses, as opposed to having to guess at them ... If as opposed to writing a touch on paper it was felt ... If you could smell perfumed flesh ... If ... If ... If ...  Needless to say it can add up to a less than desirable situation.

    I mean would you rather write about it, or do it?  And if someone was going to pay you that much more to do it ... How eager would you then be, to sit and write?

  Some Tops are right finicky that you word your reply just so, and in their specified order ... Should you fail at that task they freak out.  Don't worry about it send the same letter again in the proper order and attach a Post Script (PS) explaining that you didn't understand, hope this is acceptable.  They may tell you that you failed to follow their orders, and you need to understand that this letter and writing is all they have by which to gauge your progress and sincerity.  You were asked to do something, in a specified order.  If you were in my presence as opposed to being on the other side of a stamp would you continue to disobey my orders and requests and do as you desired?   If you said no then why do you do it now?  You have the letter for reference ... You can check it again and again to be sure it is all done in the right order and that you have used appropriate terms of address, and titles.  You can make sure to have answered all of the questions or done all of the things you were told to do and then given a full description of your reactions to them, before sending the note. ... Whatever it was which was deemed to be necessary at this juncture by your dominant.

  If you said yes, why would you even expect the dominant to continue?  And when they do turn away from you, and tire of the semantics I will hope you realize you've done it to yourself.  But realize too that each time you do this and play at this game, you run the chance of turning someone off of taking slaves and fulfilling everyone’s fantasies just that little bit more. That eventually, should they run into more people with your attitudes and actions they will refrain entirely, and you have jilted not only yourself and them, but anyone else who might have benefited from or with them, their time or attention. 

  It is not your place, as a slave to be disobedient nor judgmental.

  Should you desire to come before any dominant and profess your loyalty and servitude, this is not an act to be taken lightly; nor in malice, or in jest.  It is a vow and decision as much as, and hopefully as strong as marriage or parenthood.  It is a path and journey, which, once begun and entrusted to the right hands ... Can be more rewarding and fruitful than any relationship of a socially acceptable nature.  For those vows and decisions are also judged upon the socially successful meter stick; A measurement that we tend to have mixed feelings about at the best of times.
  Thus, if society isn't sticking their nose in and telling you when they think you're doing well or not ... Or that you should do this or that ... When there are no "norms" or overly accepted standards of "acceptable" on the subject, who is going to attempt tell you anything?
Let alone your inner most feelings.

  So without those bounds and restrictions as placed upon us by society this relationship has the potential to go much farther and be more enjoyable and fulfilling than any marriage, that I know of.  Your postal slave letters can, and should be more than just smut or a page full of yes and no's ... But you have to allow it to be that, to let it be free. Let it grow within you and then take that with you, put it into your writing.

Allow it to show (as sappy as it might seem to read it later).

   ALWAYS make sure to ask about the Dominant, how things are going?  How they are feeling?  Express regret at not being able to be there to be of assistance, even when things are perfect.  Make sure to compliment your Dominant, feel free to express your desire to worship, to please and to SERVE. 
  NEVER beg, grovel, whine, snivel, use sarcasm, crack jokes, or otherwise portray yourself in any manner which may be viewed as insolent or self serving.   A punch line is often lost in type, and better expressed facially.  Sarcasm and snide wit is in the tone of voice, which you don't have on the internet or in other forms of type - Refrain from annoying your dominant and both of you will be much happier long term.

  If you have access to the internet and are seeking an Owner online you can still offer more than the letters, and more than empty promises and indeed it should not surprise you when such requests are made.  It is fully acceptable for people to go online shopping together and for slaves to be buying items online and having them shipped directly to their Owners.  Nor is it unusual for slaves who have the email address of their Owner to send tribute to Them frequently.  Another common practice is the purchase of tickets for events, or trips which the Owner might desire to take.
  It might be suggested the slave purchase dinner online, it might be mentioned that something is desired, or required which can be obtained through websites, or gift certificates. 
  Should such issues arise, be advised that the Owner is testing out your sincerity.  Some will demand that the prospect purchase items for themselves as a beginning.  Should this matter become an issue it is almost assured the relationship will be dropped by the Dominant as apparently the slave is a dreamer and little more.  Should the items be purchased in a timely manner, this is a positive response.  But if the slave will only purchase an item for itself if permitted to purchase something for the Owner or the dungeon ... This is the most well received and sought after response.

  When serving be aware and realize that your financial contribution will be anticipated, without it you will be viewed as anyone else who seeks time, and attention without cause given to warrant it.  We have many people who would take Our time and energy, these are resources which We can not afford to be frivolous with and as time passes are less and less inclined to tolerate being frittered away.  If wasting time is not your intention then be clear and work to show this.  Ask to purchase gifts, provide funds through pay-pal without being asked to do so, do the things you can to show you are not a worshipper who idly adores, and shows no worth.
  Remember too a slave is to have nothing, so if you retain all and offer naught, you become a poser who seeks self serving sexual gratification, whether sex comes into it, or not.
  Anyone can write letters, anyone can make claims, anyone can promise the moon.
  The wheat gets separated from the chaff with this method of sacrifice and sharing.

  If you do not do it, if you can not do it, if you refuse to do it, expect to be rejected and declined over and again, and understand why; no slave would take for themselves first, they provide for an Owner.

  Reflect this.  Reflect servility and desire to serve and spoil, show that you desire to assist by taking on payments, or providing the funds for them, send surprises, and provide the smiles.  Start out slow, be consistent in the availability, and do not give an outright no.  What might be done is a suggestion of a less expensive item, or an explanation and date of when payday is.  But never should a prospect decline, and expect a positive outcome or result to the action taken.

  Gaining the eye of a Dominant is not so hard as you might think.  Remember to use titles, be polite, be well mannered, do not tease, do not jest, do not be argumentative or speak of opinions.  Such are the stumbling stones you need be aware of and consider.
  Nothing is overly risky or hard, it's simply a matter of having the right use of the correct combination.

  Now that you have it - practice it, and you will succeed.
  Falter on it, and you will fail.

Decision belongs with a dominant ... Desire, and need belong with the hopefuls.

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